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Your Independent Guide to the Wooden Playhouses available online in the UK today

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Welcome to the Wooden Playhouse Guide.  The first stop for anyone wanting to buy one - or just to find out a little more about them.  Children love a wooden playhouse - it gives them a place of their own, somewhere they can hide, shelter, play and gather, it keeps them out of trouble and it provides a talking point in the garden. And if you're looking for a wooden playhouse online - and online gives the widest choice and best prices - the problem isn't that you won't be able to find one - it's that there are countless wooden playhouses listed for sale all over the internet in all shapes and sizes, with different names - often for what is essentially the same building - and at widely varying prices.

Here at the Wooden Playhouse Guide our aim is to bring these together in one place, clarify some of the confusion which can arise and provide you with a large selection of the wooden playhouses available to buy online in the UK which you can browse at leisure. We also have a useful price comparison feature to help you find who has the best deals on each playhouse listed together with a review section so you can review and rate your own wooden playhouse - and we've now added many of our own in depth reviews to help you even more.   So please go ahead and enjoy the selection of wooden playhouses below and on the other pages of this site - we're sure that there you will find one that's exactly what you need.  And don't forget our Discount and Promo code check - if there's a promo code for your wooden playhouse you'll find it there.  It's often said that the Wooden Playhouse Guide is the best wooden playhouse website on the web - and not without good reason!

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roba indoor playhouse small image
A cute little 3'x3' playhouse with plenty of features for role play and a polyester/cotton roof, awning and curtains - indoor use only unless the sun is shining!

prices from -

click here for more details, deals and prices for the Roba Indoor Wooden Playhouse

tp forest play den small image
Cheap, compact and simple, this little 3'x3' wooden playhouse is perfect for indoor and occasional outdoor play

prices from -

click here for more details, deals and prices for the TP Forest Play Den

bramble cottage small image
A delightful 3'x3' pressure treated wooden playhouse, guaranteed to please and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

prices from -

click here for more details, deals and prices for Bramble Cottage

sunny lodge small image
Another great looking 3'x3' wooden playhouse which is equally at home indoors or out - a real delight for the younger child

prices from -

click here for more details, deals and prices for the Sunny Lodge

beach 100 small image
The compact and practical Beach 100 3'x3' wooden playhouse will look pretty in the corner of any garden

prices from -

click here for more details, deals and prices of the Beach 100

axi alice small image
This uniquely styled 3'x3' wooden playhouse will provide hours of outdoor fun and games

prices from -

click here for more details and prices of The Axi Alice

tp pavililion small image
A simply designed and economical 3'2''x3' wooden playhouse ideal for the younger child

prices from -

click here for more details and prices of the TP Pavilion

strongman mini den small image
A practical and hard wearing 3'x4' wooden playhouse available in either shiplap or loglap FSC certified timber

prices from -

click here for more details and prices of The Strongman Mini Den

whacky ranch small image
With its cool, skewed design the 3'x4' Whacky Ranch is guaranteed to delight and amuse

prices from -

click here for more details and prices of The Whacky Ranch

crooked cottage small image
Pink, yellow and white 3'x4' cousin of the Whacky Ranch, the Crooked Cottage shares the same asymmetrical design and pre-formed, quality finish

prices from -

click here for more details and prices of The Crooked Cottage

hazel castle small image
  An interesting little 3'6'' x 3'6'' garden feature constructed in all natural materials which is guaranteed to delight younger children

prices from -

click here for more details and prices of The Hazel Castle

tp hideaway house image
  An attractive 4' x 3' wooden playhouse in quality materials - ideal for the 3 to 6 year old

prices from -

click here for more details and prices of The TP Hideaway House

tp toys gatehouse small image
  An unusually styled 4' x 3'6'' hexagonal playhouse with windows all round and an apex roof wth flag feature

prices from -

click here for more details and prices of The TP Gatehouse

hazel den playhouse small image
  An eco friendly little 4' x 3'9'' wooden playhouse finished in natural hand-woven Hazel branches - something different for the garden - and the children

prices from -

click here for more details and prices of The Hazel Den

tp meadow cottage wooden playhouse small image
  The smallest verandah playhouse on the market, the Meadow Cottage measures up at 3'10 x 4'4'' of fun and games in an attractive style

prices from -

click here for more details and prices of The TP Meadow Cottage

woodbury 4x4 small image
A budget 4'x4' wooden playhouse which couples a traditional design with good functionality - and robust construction

prices from - £148.99

click here for more details and prices of The Woodbury 4x4 Playhouse

junior felt roof wooden playhouse small image
A budget 4' x 4'  wooden playhouse probably more suited to indoor and occasional outdoor use

prices from -

click here for more details and prices of The Junior Felt Roof or Mad Dash Bunny Wooden Playhouse

bunny playhouse small image
A great value 4'x4' wooden playhouse with a glazed door and quality finish - ideal to tempt the children outdoors!

prices from - £169.89

click here for more details and prices of the Bunny Playhouse

little lodge small image
A super little 4'x4' wooden playhouse from Rowlinson combining quality and affordability

prices from - £166.99

click here for more details and prices of The Little Lodge

bunny max small image
A good quality 4'x4' wooden playhouse in a traditional design with great headroom and an optional picket fence in two sizes

prices from - £179.00

click here for more details and prices of the Mad Dash Bunny Max

tp summer lodge small image
A nicely proportioned 4' x 4' wooden playhouse with a delightful verandah

prices from -

click here for more details and prices of The TP Summer Lodge

strawberry wooden playhouse small image
A simply 4'x4' wooden playhouse in a traditional design featuring a pretty scalloped fascia

prices from - £169.99

click here for more details and prices of The Strawberry or Elephant

snug small image
A delightful 4'x4' wooden playhouse with three windows and a decorated door to add colour and fun to the garden

prices from - £199.99

click here for more details and prices of The Snug

raspberry wooden playhouse small image
A pretty and practical 4'x4' wooden playhouse, the Raspberry is basically the same model as the Peach (below) but featuring a polypropylene roof

prices from - £219.49

click here for more details and prices of The Raspberry or Pear

peach wooden playhouse small image
An attractive 4'x4' wooden playhouse of uncomplicated design with a ridged, felt covered roof, single window and a hinged door with a magnetic catch

prices from - unavailable

click here for more details and prices of The Peach

blueberry wooden playhouse small image
Another pretty version of the Peach, the 4'x4' Blueberry sports a fun stable type door for added interest

prices from - £229.49

click here for more details and prices of The Blueberry Playhouse

charlie wooden playhouse small image
A highly attractive pressure treated 4' x 4' wooden playhouse, quality built with plenty of headroom to allow for growth

prices from - £250.00

click here for more details and prices of The Charlie or Sage Playhouse

Latest Price News
In this section we tell you all about the latest significant price moves in the wooden playhouse market as we find them.  Remember though that these may not last for long so you might have to move fast to take advantage of them.  Be sure too to check any delivery charges to your area - the lowest headline price is not always the best deal!
Time to Buy

Summer's here - and sadly we continue to see steady upward pressure on wooden playhouse prices.  Elbec Garden Buildings are the latest seller to increase prices more or less across the board - and that makes them pretty uncompetitive overall.  Checking our unique price guides will definitely help make sure you get the best deal available - and with prices rising all the time we'd suggest you don't delay if you're looking for a wooden playhouse to keep the children occupied during the summer holidays.
TP Toys' Summer Offer

Worth a look is TP Toys summer offer - 10% off all orders over £300 - and that's on top of sale prices or existing reductions!  You can find all the details on our Wooden Playhouse Promo Page.
Important - your Wooden Playhouse Reviews

Any of you who have tried to submit a wooden playhouse review recently will have noticed that our Wooden Playhouse Review Form developed a fault following the discontinuation of support for our anti-robot software on 31 March 2018.  You'll be pleased to know that this has now been rectified and as from 9 May 2018 you'll be able to submit your review here.  Wooden playhouse user reviews are an important part of the service we provide so please keep them coming.

And please note too that we no longer require you to submit an e-mail address with your review.  A name (which can be a first name only if you prefer) and your city, town or county of residence is all we ask for to enable us to publish your review. 
Marisota's Introductory Offer

If you're looking for a wooden playhouse you won't necessarily be familiar with the name Marisota.  That's because they're generally associated with fashion and homeware - but they do have a small selection of wooden playhouses in their extensive range.  In general their prices aren't very competitive, in fact they're often some of the highest around, but they currently offer 20% off your first order - which might make all the difference.  The offer excludes electricals, large appliances and outlet - but we don't see any reference to playhouses or garden buildings.  If you've never used Marisota before you may well be eligible - check out their range and the offer details here.
Tesco Direct Closure

Tesco have announced that they are to close the Tesco Direct online retail non food operation - which includes a sizeable range of wooden playhouses - on 9 July 2018.  Frankly, we're not that surprised by this news.  We've been looking at Tesco's wooden playhouses for some time and while we do list them on the site for completeness, we've found that that their prices are seldom, if ever, competitive and there are generally far better deals to be found.

With this in mind, we've never really understood why Tesco always appear pretty much at the top of Google's results when you search for a wooden playhouse.  We're sure this has led to many buyers paying more, maybe much more, than they need to and that's one of the things we're here to avoid. So all in all, while it's always very sad to see jobs put at risk, we don't think Tesco Direct will be a great loss to the online wooden playhouse market.  You can find more information on the closure here (opens in a new window).
The New Hideout Wooden Playhouse

Hot on the heels of Waltons May price reductions comes the new Waltons Hideout!  Also badged as the Mercia Hideout it's a bunker themed playhouse and is available from several sellers.  You can find out everything you need to know plus our unique review and price guide here.
Waltons - May Price Reductions - Flash Sale!

Waltons have carried out  major review of their wooden playhouse pricing - and the great news is that prices are down across the board.  They currently lead the way with the cheapest prices for the Snug Tower and the Honeysuckle tower with slide as well as the Sheriff and the Rose.  And they've soared up the price charts for all the other playhouses they offer.  It looks as if these prices will hold only for a few days so we'd recommend you check them out as soon as you can.  You can see Waltons full wooden playhouse range here.
TP Toys - 10% Discount Promo Code

TP Toys are offering 10% off all purchases over £300 - including sale items - until 15 May 2018 using promo code S65SD.  They have some great playhouses available online - you can see their range here.
New - House of Fraser

A new seller to the Wooden Playhouse Guide this month is House of Fraser - and their pricing looks pretty good at the moment!  Many (though not all) their prices are competitive and they offer the best price of all on the Shire Hobby, the Club, the Wigwam.  Be sure to check them out!
May is Here!

In many ways May is the ideal month to buy your wooden playhouse.  The weather is warmer and drier making for far better conditions in which to preserve, decorate, assemble and enjoy your new playhouse outdoors.  And at the beginning of the month you'll often find great deals on prices for the May day holiday - like Cuckooland's 20% off all TP Toys offer which runs until 11 May.  This makes their prices for TP the best around - you can see their full range with prices here.
A New Arrival!

New to the Wooden Playhouse Guide this month is the Mercia Corner Playhouse, a brilliant 5'x5' pentagonal playhouse specially designed to fit into the garden corner.  It's a great budget model and the corner design doesn't scrimp on space either.  You can read our review and check out the best deals here.
April Offers

Notcutts tend not to be the most competitive of wooden playhouse sellers but what's often forgotten is that members of their Privilege Club (which costs £10 to join) enjoy 10% off their purchases.  And until Monday 23rd April Privilege Club members are entitled to a massive 20% off everything.  If you're looking at a large wooden playhouse such as the TP Padstow that's a whopping saving of almost £170 - less the £10 joining fee.  We think the 20% discount makes Notcutts prices some of the best around - until 23 April at any rate.  You can find all the details on our Discount and Promo page - but don't hang around!

Another promotion around at the moment which we think rates a mention is TP Toys offer of a free gift with every playhouse purchased before Monday 23 April.  The gifts are usually outdoor toys which you get to choose at the checkout stage - and there's some good stuff there - not just token items.  Again you'll find what you need to know on our Discount and Promo page - but like the Notcutts offer it won't be around for long!

And the other large playhouse big news this week is that BillyOh have slashed the price of their basic Annex Log Cabin by a humungous £286 - making them by far the current cheapest seller of this playhouse at the new price of only £1149.00.  See our BillyOh Annex Log Cabin feature for all the details.
12 April 2018 - Price Moves

Looks like there's a bit of a price war going on at the moment with the TP Pirate Galleon.  Tesco have slashed their price by a massive £110 (that's 24%) to £360 - but it's John Lewis that lead the way in our price guide today at only £334.99 - believe it or not that's a reduction of £115 or nearly 26% on their previous price.  We don't think these prices can be sustainable so if you want to take advantage you'll have to move quickly!

And Tesco are leading the way with the basic TP Chalet.  They've cut their price by £60 to undercut Sports Direct by £10 at £240.  Taking basic delivery charges into account though the saving's reduced to around £7.  Another huge cut, this time £78, also sees Tesco ahead in the TP Forest Cottage price stakes; only £312 for the basic model - beating the nearest price by £47.99.

If the Playaway Swiss Cottage takes your fancy you'll want to know that well known catalogue and on line retailer Argos have moved to  the top of the price table at £549.99.

Well, that's the good news.  There's been a bit of upward movemement of prices too, especially with some of the larger playhouses.  We think this is most likely due to the general economic situation and uncertainty over how timber markets might be affected by current events.  We don't see the situation improving much any time soon so the moral is that if you're thinking of buying a wooden playhouse for this summer you should probably move sooner rather than wait for an improvement in the market.  Our price comparison guides should be invaluable in helping you get a great deal.
11 April 2018 - Introducing Wicken Toys

The newest seller on the site Wicken Toys carries a small range of wooden playhouses, mostly by Plum and TP Toys.  But most importantly they top our best price charts for both the TP Pirate Galleon and the Plum Premium  Wooden Adventure Playhouse - definitely worth a look. 
6 April 2018 - Latest

Adventure Toys are currently the best price on the Axi Alice topping our price comparison chart at £400 (plus £10 minimum delivery).  See all the details in our Axi Alice review.  And not only that - we've got a brand new seller and a brand new best price for the Bluebell Playhouse.  The Chicken House Company come in at just £181.80 for this super little model.
Price Comparison Changes from April 2018

Big changes this month and going forward in our pricing charts!  We're adding many more national retailers so we can bring you even better deals and prices in line with our aim to make the Wooden Playhouse Guide the UK's one stop shop for the wooden playhouse buyer.

You can already see the difference with ASDA topping the Basil Multiplay/Dixie Duo and Charlie/Sage price charts and The Range now top of the pile with the lowest priced  Charlie/Sage Tower.  There are plenty more sellers and movers and shakers for you to find browsing our pages as we continue on our mission to become the UK's leading independent wooden playhouse site.
Easter Promotions

It's always worth keeping an eye out for special deals at this time of year and 2018 is no exception.  Wickes are offering 15% off everything with their promo code EXTRA 15 - and unlike Robert Dyas' 15% off promo code, Wickes' offer includes 15% off wooden playhouses.  Wickes don't currently lead any of our wooden playhouse price guides - but hey - 15% off everything has to be worth a look!  The offer only lasts until 2 April though so you'll have to move quickly.

And there's a few pounds to be saved at Argos too.  Until 4 April they're offering a £5 gift voucher on purchases over £50 and a £10 voucher on purchases over £100.  As long as you can use the voucher that could mean a TP Forest Play Den for £94.99 or, even better, a  TP Pavilion for only £78.99!
24 March 2018

Something of a bargain is to be had right now with the Crib Wooden PlayhouseArgos have knocked a whopping £180 off their previous list price making them by far the cheapest Crib seller featured at just £619.99.  That's a huge saving!

And we can report another huge discount from Argos, this time £70 knocked off the Bunny Platform Wooden Playhouse making them currently the cheapest seller of this model at £329.99.

Big price changes for the TP Forest Cottage tower wooden playhouse too.  Cuckooland have massively reduced their price for the basic slide free model by £80 and now lead our price comparison chart by miles at only £319.95.  They've knocked £50 off the slide version too to lead the way here at £359.95.  These prices are well clear of the competition on both counts and if you like the playhouse they look like a great bargain while they last.

No other major price moves to report right now although for the moment Amazon have sneaked into the cheapest position for the BillyOh Mad Dash Annexe by a whisker at £1429.00.  A few other sellers have been tinkering with their prices but nothing that affects our overall best buys in any significant way.

We'll be back soon with another pricewatch update.

Happy hunting
The Wooden Playhouse Guide
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The TP Meadow Cottage - the latest addition to TP's range rounds off April's news.  Its an attractive model with a verandah to the front - we think it's the most compact verandah playhouse on the market at the moment.  We bring you all the details, together with our own in depth review here.

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