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All About our Wooden Playhouse Reviews and Ratings

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Here at the Wooden Playhouse Guide we're busy continually reviewing and rating the wooden playhouses available online in the UK to help you find the playhouse that fits your needs - and your pocket!

The factual elements of our reviews include details of the style and specification of each playhouse along with the materials used in manufacture, optional extras you are likely to find, the finish applied to the building and the manner of assembly.  In addition - and perhaps most importantly - they include our unique and regularly maintained and updated price guide for each wooden playhouse featured to give you an immediate idea of the price you can expect to pay.

We look carefully at all these elements and offer a verdict on each playhouse in which we highlight any advantages or disadvantages we find, together with any points you should perhaps be aware of or take into account in deciding whether or not to buy.   When searching for a wooden playhouse - or anything else for that matter - online, it can be all too easy to fail to spot something you don't like or forget to keep an eye out for something that you regarded as important when you set out.

We examine the materials and techniques used in constructing each playhouse from the point of view of suitability and safety, look at any issues arising and give any advice we think appropriate in relation to its construction, finish or assembly as well as our opinion as to value for money and how it sits when compared against similar models.

Often, and increasingly, we award a star rating to show where we think the playhouse sits on a scale from 0 to 5 taking all the relevant factors into account.  Of necessity this is an opinion rather than a hard and fast rating but we do try our best to give what we feel is an impartial and accurate score.

It's important to note that we review and rate playhouses in their context.  We won't for example slate a 3'x3' wooden playhouse for being small.  We assume that you have a reasonable idea of what you're looking for and wouldn't be viewing a 3'x3' playhouse if you were looking for something more of the order of 8'x8'!.

We also provide links on each of our wooden playhouse pages to any customer reviews we find on the internet.  That way you can add customer review to our assessment without having to waste time crawling all over the net to find them.  From time to time we may also offer our own comments as to whether points raised in customer reviews are valid or reasonable in the context of the playhouse involved.

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