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The Axi Alice Wooden Playhouse

Size;  3' x 3'

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The Axi Alice Wooden Playhouse

Style and Design
A delightful and charming wooden playhouse, the Axi Alice is one of the most compact on the market.  Its quirky design which includes a chimney, peaked roof and topsy turvy walls and windows are sure to captivate any child and provide hours of fun and garden play.  The Axi Alice is a departure from the standard wooden playhouse design and sure to provide a talking point in your garden.  The building has passed the strict German TUV test of compliance with all relevant standards.
The Axi Alice is constructed of 15mm Asian cedar panels slotted into a robust 38mm frame.  The wood, naturally, all comes from carefully managed sources.  The roof panels are waterproof and the wood used in construction is of a type which has a high resistance to pests, rot and fungus making durability the name of the game.  The windows are secured by magnetic catches
The base area of the playhouse is 3' x 3' and the building has a height of 4'7'' at the apex of the roof.
The Axi Alice is finished in a water based stain.  While this will remove the requirement to treat the building immediately, it is recommended however that the finish be maintained on a regular basis whenever there are signs of deterioration.  A conditional manufacturer's five year warranty applies.
Options for the playhouse include a choice of DIY finishes and a home assembly toolkit.
The playhouse is delivered ready for assembly by the purchaser.  The playhouse is supplied in pre formed panels and fits together easily.  You can download the full instruction manual here so you can see exactly what's involved in putting the playhouse together.
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Our Verdict
With the Axi Alice you pay a premium over other comparably sized playhouses which largely reflects the quality and durability of the construction.  The Asian cedarwood used in the finish is resistant to deterioration and the playhouse comes pre treated in a water based finish.  This will require attention as time passes but it removes the need to decorate/treat the playhouse immediately and ensures both that it has an attractive appearance and is ready for immediate play from the outset.

The Alice has a rather quirky style which we find attractive although we appreciate it may not be everyone's cup of tea.  If you're looking for something compact and out of the ordinary however it might well be the playhouse for you.  It will certainly be a topic of discussion in the garden.

With its weatherproof design and durable construction the Alice is ideally suited for outdoor use.  The roof and walls will keep out the elements and the structure should be robust enough to withstand the roughest play you might expect from young children.  You can get a good feel for its appearance, quality and strength from Axi's promotional video which you can view here.  Note however that the playhouse isn't supplied with a floor.

Assembly of the Alice with its ready formed panels and slotted framing should be straightforward and fuss free.  You can have a look at the assembly instructions here so you know exactly what's involved before ordering.

Other than the lack of a floor (and possibly the price) we don't have anything but praise for the Axi Alice.  Yes you do pay a little more but in our view it's worth it in this case.  If it came with the option of a floor this would be a 5 star playhouse.  As it is, we've awarded 4.5.  If you don't care about the floor consider it a 5 star model.

   quality of construction


   ease of assembly
   no floor

Our Star Rating
(4.5 out of 5 stars
Review by the Wooden Playhouse Guide)

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