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The Axi Lisa Wooden Playhouse

Size; 6' x 6' (1.8 x 1.8m)

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The Axi Lisa Wooden Playhouse

Style and Design
One of the larger wooden playhouses in the Axi range the Lisa features the typical  quirky style with offset windows, door and  roof, this time coupled with an attractive integral verandah.  The building is constructed in high quality materials and has passed the strict German TUV test of compliance with all relevant safety standards so you can enjoy peace of mind while the children play.  Without a doubt the Lisa is one of the more unusual playhouses on the market and as well as delighting the children it is sure to provide a real talking point in the garden.  Axi's promotional video which you can see here (opens in a new window) shows exactly what you get with the Axi Lisa.
The playhouse is constructed in quality 15mm Asian cedar from carefully managed sources slotted into a robust 38mm frame.  The wood is of a type which features naturally high resistance to pests, insects, fungus and rot.  The roof panels are waterproof to add to the durability of this quality building.
The Axi Lisa has a base size of 6' x 6' with a height of 5'6'' at the ridge.  The integral verandah measures 2' deep by 6' wide.
The playhouse is finished in a water based wood stain which will afford a degree of protection.  We would however recommend further protective/decorative treatment at the time of assembly.
Depending on the seller, options for the Lisa may include a home assembly kit and choice of DIY finishes.
The playhouse is delivered ready for DIY home assembly.  You can view the assembly instructions in full here (opens in a new window).
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Our Verdict
Axi are well known for producing high quality and often quirky wooden playhouses and the Axi Lisa is a super example of this.  Its unusual lines mean it won't be to everyone's taste - and if that's the case you'll find plenty other wooden playhouses around of similar size but more traditional design.  But if you're looking for something unique - dare we say off the wall - for your garden you need look no further than the Axi Lisa.

There's little to fault in the quality of the build.  The use of 15mm red cedar in the construction is a definite upgrade to the 12mm cladding usually found in cheaper playhouses and the 38mm framing should ensure a sturdy, robust structure resistant to warping and the general rough and tumble of children at play.  The roof too is of a timber design which should give decent weather resistance.  We're pleased to see that the Lisa comes with a built in wooden floor.  You would expect this at the price but it is a feature which is missing from some of Axi's smaller models.  The floor integrates with the neat little front veranda to help avoid damp, bugs and any other nasties entering the playhouse from below.  It also helps provide a nice dry play area even if it has been raining outside.

We also like the opening windows all round which add an extra element of interest and allow the playhouse to be easily ventilated on a hot day.  We think the windows are a nice quirky touch and are tastefully complemented by the offbeat chimney which rounds off the unusual design.

Safety is unlikely to be a concern with any Axi playhouse.  The windows of the Lisa are glazed in virtually unbreakable acrylic and overall the playhouse complies - as you would expect - with the EN71 toy standard.  If you have any concerns or need any more safety information have a look at our feature on Wooden Playhouse Safety Regulation Explained

We do think that assembly of the Axi Lisa, while not particularly challenging to the average diy'er, is a little complicated.  We'd certainly recommend reading the instructions thoroughly before starting.  You can see the instruction manual here (opens in a new window) - the  directions for the Axi Lisa are on pages 31 to 45 - so you know exactly what's involved before you order.  There are also some valuable, if largely commonsense, pointers on safety and maintenance on page 89.  Don't neglect to read these either.

One point we would comment on is the finish applied to the Lisa and the maintenance requirements.  In common with other Axi playhouses the Lisa is treated with a natural protective stain layer prior to delivery.  This supplements the natural resistance of the timber to the elements and it's important to note that the finish will need regular maintenance throughout the life of the playhouse.  The manufacturer recommends annual checks and re-treatment every second year with a water based paint/stain based on natural components.  Given the price of the Axi Lisa we wouldn't have thought it unreasonable to expect pressure treated timbers to fortify the wood's natural resistance to attack by the elements - certainly similarly priced playhouses such as the Peponita feature this.  But although we think the lack of pressure treatment is perhaps an omission it's not necessarily a big deal if you're happy with the two yearly maintenance programme.

In conclusion, we think that in general the quality of the construction, the unique styling and the undoubted character of the Axi Lisa more or less justify the price tag.  Prices can however vary considerably so be sure to check our price guide to help find the right deal.  In our view the Lisa is a super wooden playhouse which doesn't suffer from the lack of a floor evident in some of Axi's smaller models. There aren't any real drawbacks - it's all a matter of taste!

If the Axi Lisa is too large for your needs but you like the style, have a look at the smaller Axi Alice which measures up at 3' x 3'.  Half the size but a similar style and still plenty of character.
   striking style

   verandah and internal floor included

   quality build

   no pressure treatment

   style may not suit everyone

   price tag higher than most of its size
Our Star Rating
(4.5 out of 5 stars
Review by the Wooden Playhouse Guide)

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