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The BillyOh Bunny Wooden Children's Playhouse

Size;  4' x 4' (1.16 x 1.16m)

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junior felt roof wooden playhouse image
Price from £245.00

The BillyOh Bunny Wooden Children's Playhouse

Style and Design
A hard, apex roofed version of the now discontinued Junior Fabric Roofed Wooden Playhouse, this model is more suited to sustained outdoor use.   It features a stable type door and its glazed windows round off a weatherproof finish.  The picket fence may be available as an optional extra.
The playhouse is finished in traditional 11mm tongue and groove shiplap cladding with a felt covered solid sheet roof and a solid sheet floor.  The windows are glazed in styrene for safety.  The stable type door is secured by magnetic catch.
The overall external dimensions of the playhouse are 4' x 4' excluding the picket fence.   Roof height is 3'10'' at the apex.
The playhouse is finished in a red cedar water based treatment.  A final protective/decorative coat should be added by the purchaser at the time of assembly and maintained at regular intervals thereafter..  The illustrated model has been finished in attractive cream and pale brown.
The picket fence may be optional or included by some sellers. In addition a  choice of DIY decorative finishes and floor and roof upgrades to real wood may also be available.
The playhouse will be delivered flat packed ready for assembly by the purchaser.  You can see a detailed assembly video here to give you a good idea of what's involved.
See the details of sellers and prices given above.
Our Verdict
This is the smallest model in BillyOh's extensive range and at the price at which you'll usually find it, we think it represents value for money.  The styling is attractive and the stable door adds interest.  We also like the picket fence, which you will most likely find as an optional extra, and the chance to upgrade to upgrade the floor and roof to tongue and groove timber.

The compact dimensions means it won't take up too much room in the garden while still giving you a decent amount of playing accommodation.  You'll need to remember to apply a preservative/decorative finish at the time of assembly and to keep this maintained over the years but this is par for the course with a budget wooden playhouse and needn't be viewed as a disadvantage.  All in all - a good buy in our opinion.  If it's a little small for you, the Bunny Max will give you a little more room.

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