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The BillyOh Mad Dash Junior Log Cabin Wooden Playhouse

Size; 6' x 6' (2 x 2m)

19mm cladding
Price and availability varies
28mm cladding
Price and availability varies
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junior log cabin wooden playhouse image
Price from £419.00

The BillyOh Mad Dash Junior Log Cabin Wooden Playhouse

Style and Design
A real  quality wooden  playhouse developed from BillyOh's popular full size garden log cabin range, the Mad Dash Junior Log Cabin is available in a choice of two cladding finishes; 19 or 28mm, both of which ensure a superior, strong structure  for this striking 6'x6' wooden playhouse. The style is traditional with an apex roof, mock shuttered fixed windows and window boxes, stable style door and small integral verandah.

The interlocking construction gives a smooth, classy finish coupled with strength and the overall impression is of an appealing durable playhouse which will enjoy years of use and fun play activity in the garden.  The large windows ensure a bright interior and also allow easy but unobtrusive supervision of children playing inside.
The Junior Log Cabin is built in either 19 or 28mm interlocking tongue and groove boarding all of European graded softwood mounted on 32 x 27mm framing.  The roof and floor are solid sheet, the roof covered in green mineral felt for a weatherproof finish.  The windows are glazed in styrene for safety and peace of mind and  the doors secured by magnetic safety catch.         
The overall external measurements of the playhouse are  6'3'' (1.9m) wide by 6'6'' deep (1.93m) (19mm version) or 6'8'' deep (1.98mm) (28mm version).  Internally both versions measure 5'1'' (1.55m) wide by 4'9'' (1.46m) deep.  Eaves heights externally are; 19mm version; 4' (1.23m), 28mm version; 3'11'' (1.20m).  Internally both versions measure  3'10''(1.17m) at the eaves.  The maximum roof height externally is 4'11 (1.5m) in the 19mm version and 5' (1.54m) in the 28mm version.  Internally both versions feature a maximum 4'8'' (1.42m) headroom.

The windows measure up at 1'4''x1'9'' (42x54cm) and the door opening at 1'9'' x 3'6'' (54 x 106cm).
You should note that the Mad Dash Junior Log Cabin is constructed of untreated European graded softwood.  To avoid rot and weathering of the timber it is important to apply a suitable decorative/preservative finish to the playhouse at the time of construction and to maintain the finish on a regular basis throughout the life of the building.  If you need any more information on this have a look at our feature on Decorating and Protecting your Wooden Playhouse (opens in a new window).  We'd suggest that you take the time to apply the finish prior to constructing the playhouse.  It's always easier to avoid missed areas if you do this and it has the added bonus that the playhouse is ready for use as soon as it's assembled avoiding the rather messy combination of young children and wet paint!
The Cabin is delivered with full and detailed instructions for diy home assembly by the purchaser.  You  should allow at least 4 to 6 hours excluding any time taken to decorate and preserve the timbers.  All necessary fixing kit and ironmongery is supplied but you will need a basic toolkit to put the playhouse together.  
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Our Verdict
The BillyOh Mad Dash Junior Log Cabin is a strong, robust playhouse featuring cladding which is thicker and heavier duty than many playhouses of a similar size.  This is reflected in the finish which gives an overall impression of strength and character.  Pricewise the Junior Log Cabin compares favourably with other 6'x6' wooden playhouses - but the bonus is the 28mm log finish version which will give you a strong, safe playhouse which will last for years.  The 19mm finish will give you a superior wooden playhouse but if you're budget stretches, we'd suggest you choose the 28mm version which we think is one of the leading playhouses in this size and price range.   

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