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The Mad Dash Bunny Max Wooden Playhouse

Size; 4'5'' x 4'1'' (1.34 x 1.26m)

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bunny max wooden playhouse image
Price from £409.00

The Mad Dash Bunny Max Wooden Playhouse

Style and Design
A classy little 4x4 wooden playhouse in a traditional apex roofed cottage design with plenty of windows to ensure a light, cheerful interior, the Bunny Max makes a great addition of character to the garden.  It's compact design, while particularly suited to smaller spaces, still provides a decent outdoor playspace with generous headroom for growing children.  A delightful garden play feature which is guaranteed to captivate the younger child and encourage hours of healthy outdoor play.
The Bunny Max is constructed in 11mm interlocking tongue and groove graded European softwood with a 10mm solid sheet roof and floor as standard. The tongue and groove system encourages water to run off the surface and the roof is finished in felt for additional weatherproofing. The windows are glazed in shatterproof styrene windows for safety and the door secured by a magnetic safety catch.
The playhouse measures a compact 4'5'' wide by 4'1'' deep (1.34 x 1.26m).  Externally the height is 3'7'' (104.9cm) at the eaves rising to 4'10'' (146.9cm) at the apex of the roof.  Inside the headroom is  3'3'' (100.6cm) at the eaves and 4'7'' (140.3cm) at the ridge.  The window dimensions are 1'4'' x 1'5'' (41.2 x 44.5cm) and the door opening 1'11'' x3'2'' (58.6 x 98.1cm).
The Bunny Max receives a red cedar water based treatment prior to delivery which is intended to protect the timbers only during transit.  A final preservative/decorative treatment will required to be applied at the time the playhouse is erected.
An optional slatted or tongue and groove floor is available for the Bunny Max along with a choice of picket fences and diy colour wood treatments.  There are extra charges for these items.
The playhouse is delivered with all fixtures and fittings ready for diy home assembly.  You can view an assembly video for the slightly smaller BillyOh Bunny playhouse here.  Although it's a slightly different design it will still give you a good idea of what's involved.
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Our Verdict
In our view, the Bunny Max is one of the leading wooden playhouses in its size and price range.  We like the styling with the greater headroom than some similar models and the generous window provision which will not only give you a bright cheerful interior but will also allow you to supervise what's going on inside without being too obtrusive.  It's a compact design and although nominally a 4' x 4'  playhouse, you should note that the external dimensions of 4'5'' x 4'1' include the roof overhang.  The actual internal play area measures 3'10'' x 3'6'' (117.2 x 105.6cm).   There's an optional picket fence which is available in two sizes to extend the play area and keep toys from spreading all over the garden. The only comment we would make on the design is that we note all the windows are fixed.  There are advantages to this - nipping little fingers is avoided - but also disadvantages in that none of the windows can be opened for ventilation on a hot day.  There is a large front door though which will will provide more than adequate ventilation when left open.

The build quality looks good with the tongue and groove style cladding and felt finish to the roof giving good resistance to the elements and we like also the availability of a choice of flooring options.  While solid sheet flooring is adequate for a playhouse of this size at this price, it's not really as strong as a wooden option an is also a little more prone to damage from damp from the ground.  If available we'd always choose an interlocking tongue and groove wooden floor and we'd recommend you splash the cash on this option - or at least the slatted wooden floor.  Either will give you a more robust, damp resistant structure than the solid sheet and it's an option you'll rarely find in this class of building.

The timbers are treated with a red cedar water based finish - but note that this is only intended to protect the playhouse up to the point it's delivered.  You'll have to make sure to apply a decorative/protective finish at the time of assembly or very shortly after.  We always recommend applying this immediately before you put the playhouse together.  That way you can make sure you reach any areas that might be at risk of attack by the elements but difficult to reach with a paintbrush once the playhouse is up.  In our experience it's also a little easier to keep youngsters away from wet paint on the components of a playhouse that wet paint on a playhouse itself. 

Safety shouldn't be a concern with the Bunny Max with its shatterproof windows, smooth planed finish and magnetic door closure.  There are finger spaces at the door as well for added peace of mind.  The playhouse complies with domestic safety standard EN71 and we wouldn't expect anything else in a playhouse on sale in the UK.

Assembly shouldn't pose any great difficulties either.  This is a relatively compact playhouse so the various panels are easily handled and any fixtures and fittings you need are supplied at the time of delivery along with comprehensive instructions.  You can also find an informative video here which, though it relates to a slightly different design, will give you a very good idea of what's involved in putting the Bunny Max together.

In all, then, we see a good value wooden playhouse with plenty of internal headroom for growing children, several attractive options and a stylish, traditional look.  The price and specification compares well with similarly styled models such as the Woodbury 4x4, Bluebell and Snug (do check our price guides on these pages for the latest prices) and we think it beats these in terms of headroom and options, particularly the picket fence.  The only downside is the fixed windows - but in all honesty we don't see that as a major issue.  That's why we've given the BillyOh Bunny Max four and a half wooden playhouse stars.
  headroom for growing children

   optional extras

  plenty windows

   good value
   windows don't open
Our Star Rating
(4.5 out of 5 stars
Review by the Wooden Playhouse Guide)

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