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Evermeadow House Wooden Playhouse

Size; 3'5'' x 3'1'' (105 x 95cm)

without  floor
with  floor
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evermeadow house wooden playhouse image
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Evermeadow House Wooden Playhouse

Style and Design
Evermeadow house is a great little wooden playhouse which is compact enough to use indoors or out.  It's a neat design with a couple of cute windows to allow light to reach the inside.  You also have the option of a floor if you wish and it all comes at a price guaranteed to be budget friendly.  It's recommended for children of 18 months upwards and is just the job to delight and keep them at play for hours on end.
The playhouse is constructed throughout in heat treated natural fir wood sourced from sustainable forests, including the optional wooden floor.  The windows are glazed in child friendly material and the roof comes with a perspex strip to cover the ridge and help keep the elements out.  The building comes with a one year manufacturer's warranty.
The house has a footprint of 105 x 95cm (approximately 3'5'' x 3'1'') and a height of 126cm (4'1''). 
The wood is untreated prior to delivery.  For outdoor use you will have to apply a suitable preservative/decorative finish at the time of assembly and maintain this as necessary throughout the life of the playhouse.
An optional wooden floor is available for your Evermeadow House.
The playhouse is delivered ready for straightforward diy assembly with a few basic tools.  You can see the full assembly instructions here (opens in a new window).
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Our Verdict
We think Evermeadow house is a super little budget model giving you great value for money if you're looking for a wooden playhouse for a small child.  Although undeniably basic, the design gives you more or less all you'd expect in a playhouse of its type and the option of a real wooden floor at minimal extra cost is, we think, a real bonus.

The playhouse is suitable for use inside as well as outside and its modest dimensions would, if you wished, allow it to be kept indoors and taken outside when the weather is fine.  The only slight doubt we have over permanent outdoor use is the lack of a felt finish to the roof.  Although there is a waterproofing ridge strip which the manufacturer claims will keep out water, experience has shown that rain has a habit of finding a way through even interlocking roof boarding if it's not protected by a felt covering.  As a consequence we'd recommend that if you intend to keep the playhouse outdoors in an exposed area that you think about applying a felt roof finish.  This needn't be a big or expensive job. You can buy a roll of shed felt and some roofing tacks from a good diy store such as B&Q or Wickes and have the finish fitted in no time.  If you're nervous about hammering tacks into the Evermeadow's fairly lightweight roof just secure the felt with one or two wooden battens screwed into position.

Whether you choose the wooden floor or not is really your own decision.  As a general rule, we prefer wooden floors in outdoor playhouses to help keep the weeds down, creepy crawlies out and the inside dry but the choice is yours.  We're pleased to see it's a real wooden floor that's on offer.  Often cheaper playhouses come with a solid sheet osb floor which, although generally adequate tends to lack the strength and durability of real wood.

Assembly of the Evermeadow is very straightforward and you have the benefit of being able to download the full instructions (opens in a new window) to see exactly what's involved and what tools you'll need.  Essentially not much more than a screwdriver and two pairs of hands.  We'd certainly recommend an electric screwdriver to minimise the effort involved, but for a playhouse this size it's not crucial.  We don't think it should take you much more than an hour or two to assemble the building but you'll need to bear in mind the need to apply some protection to the wood if you're to be keeping the playhouse outdoors.  The Evermeadow is an untreated softwood playhouse and as such will quickly become weathered and open to decay if exposed to the elements without suitable treatment so you will have to apply a suitable decorative/preservative finish as soon as possible.  We strongly recommend you do this prior to assembling the structure.  That way they job's usually easier and all the parts of the playhouse are easy to reach.

We don't see any safety issues with the Evermeadow.  The windows are glazed in child friendly material and the timbers are all planed smooth.  Be sure however to check for cracks and splinters in the wood when you put the playhouse together and be prepared to smooth any rough edges off if necessary.  Wood is a natural material and however stringent the manufacturing and quality control process is, it's often difficult to eradicate the odd natural defect entirely.

So far, so good.  Are there any negative points to the Evermeadow?  Well, not really if you take it for what it is - a very cheap and cheerful option at a keen price.  We can't see any door catch, so we'd suggest you invest in a child friendly magnetic catch from B&Q or Wickes.  And as we note above, it might be advisable for outside use to think about adding a felt covering to the roof.  But really, at the price of the Evermeadow we're nitpicking here and we think it compares well to other, usually more expensive budget models.  One point we would make is that as far as we can tell the Evermeadow is sold exclusively from Big Game Hunters either through their own website or their Amazon or eBay outlets (see our details of sellers and prices above).  Big Game Hunters add additional delivery charges via their website which will increase your costs - quite significantly if you live in certain areas.  Delivery via Amazon or eBay however is free so if you opt to buy the Evermeadow, depending on where you live you might be able to save a good few pounds by going down that route.

Taking everything into account we've awarded the Evermeadow 4 stars - as a super budget wooden playhouse we think it fits the bill.  If you'd like to check out alternatives, the Woodbury 4x4, and Tp's Hideaway House and Meadow Cottage are decent, similarly sized models that won't break the bank.

   ease of assembly

   optional wooden floor
   no door catch

   weatherproofing may be an issue
Our Star Rating
(4 out of 5 stars
Review by the Wooden Playhouse Guide)

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