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The Children's Hazel Tunnel Playhouse

Size; 3'11'' x 4'3'' (1.20 x 1.30m) depth x height

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The Hazel Tunnel Children's Playhouse

Style and Design
An unusual wooden playhouse, the children's Hazel Tunnel combines an attractive woven garden feature with a delightful play tunnel and hidey-hole for younger children.  Although not strictly a playhouse in the conventional sense, the Hazel Tunnel gives you an item of interest in your garden with the priceless benefit of keeping younger children amused and entertained outdoors.  
The play tunnel comprises hand woven natural hazel panels secured by plastic ties at the apex.
Dimensions are 3'11'' long by 4'3'' high (120 x 130cm).  The width of the tunnel depends on the angle at which you set the side walls.
The Hazel Tunnel is delivered in untreated natural hazel. A clear preservative finish may be applied to prolong the life of the wood.
The playhouse is delivered flat packed for assembly by the purchaser.
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Our Verdict
Well, the Hazel Tunnel is rather pushing at the boundaries of what might be classed as a wooden playhouse. But we do think it's worthy of inclusion in this guide and feel it gives a realistic option for someone looking for a unique, natural looking play feature for their garden without investing in a more traditional playhouse or play centre.

What you see is largely what you get - although do note that the tree stump style chairs shown in the illustration aren't included with the basic model.  There don't appear to be any real safety issues and assembly will be very straightforward.  The playhouse arrives flat packed and can easily be moved around as required and folded away for storage during the winter months.

The hazel twigs will have a certain degree of weather resistance, but we certainly think it's worth treating the structure with a clear outdoor preservative, particularly if it is to be sited outdoors all year round.  This will help to maintain the tunnel's attractive appearance as well as prolonging its life.  We'd also suggest you peg your tunnel securely to the ground as it will be susceptible to being blown around and damaged in windy conditions.

So, assembly, safety and longevity look good.  The only thing you need to decide is whether the style is for you.  We feel the Hazel Tunnel will have limited appeal to the wooden playhouse buyer - but it's not overly expensive and it has its attractions as a garden feature with appeal for children.  It will give shade from the sun on a hot summer day, shelter from a light shower and has great potential for outdoor games.  Judging it simply for what it is, we don't see any reason not to award 5 stars.  It's a rather unique item and provided it's what you want we don't think you can go far wrong.


   ease of assembly
   limited appeal
Our Star Rating
(5 out of 5 stars
Review by the Wooden Playhouse Guide)

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