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Our Aim

To assist you in your search for the ideal wooden playhouse we aim to provide details of all the playhouses available online today in the UK.  If you find a wooden playhouse that isn't included but is available for home delivery in the UK please let us know by using the review form on our Wooden Playhouse Review Page and we'll try to feature it.


All the playhouses are listed on the Home page in approximate order of size by increasing width.  To help you home in on what you need we've also created separate listings according to size and also whether you are looking for a tower (or platform) wooden playhouse.

Avoid Wooden Playhouse Overload - Add the Page to Favourites

There are a wide range of wooden playhouses on the market, available from many different sites.  As you browse these it is easy to start to suffer from wooden playhouse overload - a condition in which all playhouses begin to look the same and you have no idea which ones you have already checked out.  To avoid this, we'd suggest adding the page for any playhouse that takes your fancy to your favourites list or bookmarks.  That way, you'll be left with a select few wooden playhouses on your favourites menu once you have finished.  You can then go back and browse these at leisure, taking a little more time to identify all the points important to you.

Same Playhouse - Different Name

As you look at the wooden playhouses on offer you'll realise that often the same basic wooden playhouse is marketed under different names by different sellers.  There may be one or two minor stylistic variations or different options available but the bottom line is that, essentially, the playhouse is the same one.

To try to minimise confusion here, we've tried to group all the examples of a playhouse together irrespective of the name used for sale/marketing purposes.  This is why, when you check out the links on a wooden playhouse page, the playhouse you find may not have the same name as we have used in the listing.  It can sometimes be a little confusing but if you add the page to your favourites list you can always go back once you have finished browsing and re-check that the playhouse is the one you're looking for.

Ordering and Delivery

We try to make sure that all the wooden playhouses listed are available for delivery throughout the UK although you may find one or two exceptions to this.  Before ordering, please check the individual delivery terms of the seller you have chosen.  In many cases, although basic delivery is free, there may be surcharges for certain areas of the UK.  On occasion these can be quite hefty and may well affect your choice of supplier so make sure you check and take any surcharges applicable to your area into account when comparing prices. 

The same considerations apply if an installation service is important to you.  The vast majority of wooden playhouses in the Guide are delivered for DIY assembly.  In many cases an installation option will be available at extra cost but often this is either limited to certain areas or surcharges are added.  Again, make sure you check before ordering and remember to take installation costs into account when comparing costs.  This may all seem like stating the obvious but it can be easy to miss something in the excitement of finding the ideal wooden playhouse - especially if you're suffering from wooden playhouse overload!

We have a useful feature on sellers delivery policies which you can find here.

How we're Funded

Maintaining such a comprehensive guide to the wooden playhouses for sale in the UK today can be a time consuming and costly exercise.  The Wooden Playhouse Guide is funded by small commissions paid to us by some, but by no means all, wooden playhouse sellers each time someone buys a playhouse from them via the Guide.

In relation to this method of funding we would like to reassure you that;

1.  This payment, usually known as an affiliate commission, has no effect on what you pay for the playhouse - the price   is the same whether or not commission is paid.

2.  Our aim is to provide a service to enable the British wooden playhouse buyer to source the best deal for their wooden playhouse.  We pride ourselves on our neutrality and independence from sellers and work very hard to ensure that the issue of payment of commission has no bearing on the manner in which a seller is featured on the site or the way in which a seller's prices are listed in our price comparisons.

3.  We aim to feature all wooden playhouse sellers on the site on an equal footing - whether or not they pay affiliate commissons to us.

And Finally...

We try hard to provide comprehensive and accurate details of  the measurements and materials used in the construction of the wooden playhouses listed in the Guide.  These are taken from details provided by the playhouse sellers and reproduced in good faith.  The Wooden Playhouse Guide can't accept any responsibility for the accuracy of this information.  Sometimes materials and measurements differ from seller to seller.  You should always make sure you check the details provided by your chosen seller before placing any order.

Happy playhouse hunting!

The Wooden Playhouse Guide
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