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The Kids' Small Wood Play House
Red or Green

Size; 3'6'' x 4'3'' (1.28 x 1.07m)

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kids play house wood small red image
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The Kids' Small Wooden Playhouse - Red or Green

Style and Design
A lovely little pre-painted model ideally suited to the younger child, this playhouse is available in a choice of colours.   Featuring a half height stable style door to the front and shuttered side windows it's perfect for use indoors and outside in good weather. 
The playhouse is constructed of 10mm natural wood.
Dimensions are 128 x 107 cm with an overall height of 128 cm.  The door opening measures 43 x 80cm and the window openings 43 x 41 cm.
The playhouse partly pre-stained in red or green.
As mentioned above the playhouse is partly finished with a red or green stain according to your preference.
The playhouse is delivered flatpacked ready for home assembly..
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Our Verdict
A simple, attractive little wooden playhouse, this Small Kids' model is an ideal option if you're looking for a playhouse for a younger child.  It's pre-stained finish makes it pleasing to the eye and there's plenty there, with its stable style front door and shuttered windows, to provided a lovely little hidey hole.

Overall the construction looks fairly lightweight to us and we think it's probably more suited to indoor rather than outdoor use.  Its compact size does however mean that it's reasonably portable and will lend itself to being kept indoors generally but taken outside for play on a fine day.  If you're thinking about more permanent outdoor use, we'd suggest you look at applying a further treatment to the wood to keep the natural elements looking fresh and the coloured elements bright.  The addition of a finish of clear lacquer will help to stop the wood becoming worn and weathered looking when exposed to the elements.

There's no floor, but this is really in keeping with the open nature of the playhouse's construction.  Indoors, a floor isn't required and although one can be useful outside to keep down grass and weeds, the design of the door and windows means that rain will inevitable find its way inside and the water would just lie on a wooden floor.  The lack of a floor saves some weight too and adds to the portability.  This is something of a double edged sword though so if you are going to keep your playhouse outside for extended periods you'll need to make sure it's securely anchored down.  Otherwise you risk it being blown around and damaged in a strong wind.

There don't appear to be any particular safety issues with this model.  We see gaps at the door and shutters to reduce the risk of little fingers getting nipped and there's no glazing to worry about.  It's worth checking the panels when you're putting the playhouse together just to make sure there aren't any rough edges or splinters that need to be removed.  Wood is a natural material and no matter how rigorous the manufacturing procedure, there's always the chance of finding the odd imperfection.  We don't see this as any great problem but you might have to have a piece of sandpaper to hand during assembly.

There aren't too many similar models to this around in the price range but we do think it's worth having a look at TP's Stable Cottage, Hideaway House and Bramble Cottage as well, not forgetting the Plum Garden Hut.  TP have a good reputation for quality and we think Bramble Cottage in particular is a superior model - although to be fair it's really in a higher price range and it's also a little smaller.  The best comparison to make is probably with the slightly smaller TP Stable Cottage and the similarly sized Plum Garden Hut. In our view, the Plum Garden Hut is better suited to long term outdoor use and the smaller dimensions of the TP Stable Cottage may make it more suitable for use indoors, depending on the space available.  It will also make the Stable Cottage a little more portable.  Having said that, If you're looking for a great looking, lightweight playhouse for a smaller child, especially if you plan to keep it indoors the majority of the time, the Kid's Small Wooden Playhouse will fit the bill perfectly.  We've awarded 3.5 wooden playhouse stars to take account of its lightweight construction, lack of weatherproofing and general unsuitability for sustained outdoor use.  For indoor use it's ideal - and you won't need to carry out any further decoration either - unless you want to!


   easy to assemble
   open to elements

Our Star Rating
(3.5 out of 5 stars
Review by the Wooden Playhouse Guide)

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