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The Palmako Felix Wooden Playhouse

Size; 6' x 4' (1.8 x 1.12m)(excluding the verandah)

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palmako felix wooden playhouse image
Price from £488.78

The Palmako Felix Wooden Playhouse

Style and Design
A superb wooden playhouse in a traditional style with an integrated, covered verandah to the front, Palmako's Felix is a quality built playhouse featuring robust construction coupled with an attractive appearance.  The standard of construction will give you a long lasting playhouse which will delight and amaze children for many years to come. 
The Felix is constructed in 16mm Nordic spruce pine interlocking tongue and groove boarding to guarantee a strong, safe building.  The roof is finished in roofing felt or optional felt shingles and for added peace of mind the windows glazed in virtually unbreakable plexiglass.
The playhouse measures 180 cm wide by 112 cm deep excluding the integral verandah.  The verandah and roof overhang add a further 70 cm to the depth.   The height at the apex of the roof is 169 cm (5'6'') while the door measures up at 49 x 115 cm and the windows, 40 x 44 cm.
The playhouse is delivered unpainted and untreated.  A decorative/preservative treatment will require to be applied at the time of construction and at regular intervals thereafter.
Options for this playhouse vary between sellers and include an installation service, choice of felt, shingle or no roof covering and a pre-formed playhouse base.
The Felix is delivered in easily assembled pre-formed panels though you'll need some basic DIY tools to put the building together.  You can check out the assembly instructions here so you have a good idea of what's involved before ordering.
See the details of sellers and prices given above.
Our Verdict
In general Palmako is a name synonymous with quality garden buildings and the Felix is no exception.  There's often a premium to be be paid though when it comes to Palmako but this is reflected in the quality of the build, particularly the Felix's 16mm interlocking boarded finish which is a cut above the 12mm shiplap found in the majority of cheaper playhouses.

However, we're slightly disappointed by the fact that notwithstanding the premium price, the Felix is delivered with no treatment at all to the timbers, not even a pre delivery dip finish.  This means you will have to apply a good quality preservative/decorative finish immediately following delivery and this finish will need to be maintained throughout the life of the playhouse.  You can find more information about this in our article on wooden playhouse decoration and protection (opens in a new window).  Don't be tempted to miss out this crucial step in the construction of your wooden playhouse as untreated timber will quickly take on a worn and weathered look when exposed to the elements.
It's probably best to apply the finish immediately prior to assembly as that way you can ensure you don't miss any areas which might be hard to get at once the playhouse is put together.

And on the subject of assembly - you shouldn't find it too challenging if you have some basic DIY skills although you will need a number of tools to get the job done and we'd certainly recommend that you don't attempt it without help.  It's worth having a look at the assembly instructions so you can work out whether you have all you need or if you need to invest in some extra tools before delivery.  You'll find the English language instructions at the start of the manual although you'll need to scroll down to page 68 (would you believe!) before you come to the assembly diagrams.

The design of the Felix is traditional and appealing enough if not spectacularly eyecatching.  The playhouse's strength however is in the quality of its construction rather than stunning visual appeal.  The appearance is perfectly acceptable though as an example of conventional playhouse design and the integrated verandah will allow shelter and shade while the windows to the front will ensure a light interior.  The doorway's a good size to allow children in and out and the Felix looks like a strong and safe option if you're looking for a classic children's playhouse which is both practical and robust.

Whether the Felix is worth the premium you are likely to have to pay depends on where your priorities lie.  Yes you get a playhouse finished in 16mm timbers, but the Felix is completely untreated and the design offers little more than cheaper models such as the DenStork and Strongman Wendyhouse.  The 12mm interlocking cladding of these models should be perfectly adequate for a playhouse of this size and in addition, they offer larger windows than the Felix with, in the case of the Den and the Stork, interesting and attractive window door windows.  If budget is in any way important to you we'd suggest you have a look at these, and perhaps some other alternatives, before opting for the Palmako.

All that said, if you invest the time in applying a high quality finish to the Felix and perhaps choose the roof shingle option, you will end up with a garden building of real quality and attractive appearance which, properly looked after, should stand the test of time.

The Felix certainly features five star construction, but taking into account the premium you're likely to have to pay, the lack of even a pre-delivery treatment and the fact that alternative, cheaper models may give better value, we've awarded it four Wooden Playhouse Guide stars.
  quality 16mm construction

   no treatment
Our Star Rating
(4 out of 5 stars
Review by the Wooden Playhouse Guide)

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