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The Peponita Wooden Playhouse

Size; 6' x 6'

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The Peponita Wooden Playhouse

Style and Design
The Peponita is a rather unique wooden playhouse manufactured in quality materials featuring a single wooden door, two fixed windows and an integral verandah to the front, all to a traditional design.  Once installed in your garden it will delight the children and provide countless hours of imaginative outdoor play.
The playhouse is constructed of pressure treated red Northern Pine in 16mm panels.  The roof comprises roof boards finished in green shingles and a pre-assembled, pressure treated 16mm tongue and groove wooden  floor is also supplied.   The windows are clear glass which we would consider to be a drawback, especially as a toughened glass or perspex glazing alternative is not offered.  If you are attracted to the Peponita we would recommend for safety reasons that the supplied windows be replaced with perspex or toughened glass at the time of assembly.
The Peponita measures a spacious 6' x 6' (including the verandah).  The wall height is 4' and the ridge height 5'.  The door opening is 1'10'' x 4' while the verandah is 2' in depth.
The Peponita comes pressure treated which should ensure a long life.  The purchaser may wish to add a decorative finish at the time of assembly to prevent undue weathering of the wood.
An installation option is available which the seller will quote for separately.
Unless the installation option is chosen the playhouse will be delivered flat packed ready for DIY home assembly.
See the details of sellers and prices given above.
Our Verdict
Perhaps not the cheapest 6' x 6' wooden playhouse on the market but the Peponita is one of the leaders in its class.  We particularly like the pressure treated wood and floor and roof boards which we prefer over the widely used OSB sheet.  The verandah is a good size but still leaves a useful amount of internal play space.

The only thing we don't like about the Peponita - and it is a big but - is the clear glass in the windows.  At the price we would have thought it reasonable to expect safety glass and as far as we are concerned real glass is a no no for a wooden playhouse from the safety point of view.  We'd suggest either asking the supplier to provide an acrylic or safety glass alternative or replacing the supplied windows with acrylic or safety glass at the time of assembly.  Other than this the Peponita should more than fit the bill.

The comparable alternative in this class is the Salcey
which is also well worth a look.

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