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The Pinnacle Stork Wooden Playhouse

Size; 6'5'' x 5'7'' (available with or without platform)
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without platform
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with platform
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Price from £267.99
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The Pinnacle Stork Wooden Playhouse

Style and Design
Hours of happy outdoor play are guaranteed with the pretty Pinnacle Stork wooden playhouse.  The building is finished in traditional style with two opening Georgian type windows, an apex roof, decorative fascia and an attractive integral verandah which doubles up as a safety feature in the ladder accessed platform version.  Please note however that some suppliers may not provide the vertical posts or railings to the front which are illustrated.  if this is important to you be sure to carefully check the sellers website before ordering.  The playhouse is strong and durable and, properly maintained, will last throughout childhood.

Children are sure to love the style and space of this delightful wooden playhouse which will provide a real topic of conversation and an attractive feature in any garden.  The platform version in particular is a real garden stronghold and surely the fulfillment of any child's dream.
The Pinnacle Stork is finished in framed 12mm smooth planed shiplap cladding.  The floor is 12mm tongue and groove board while the roof comprises 11mm OSB board finished in roofing felt.  The windows and door are glazed in styrene for safety and the door is secured with a magnetic catch.
Overall measurements of the playhouse are 6' x 6' which includes the 2' covered verandah.  The eaves height is 3'7 rising to a ridge height of 5'2''.  With the platform these measurements increase to 6'9'' at the eaves to 8'4'' at the ridge.  The door opening measures up at 1'8'' x 3'3''.
The playhouse is dip treated prior to delivery and will require to have a final decorative/protective coat applied at the time of assembly and regularly maintained thereafter.  The illustrated example has been finished in attractive pale blue and white.
Some sellers may not provide the vertical posts and front railings if the platform version is not purchased.  You should carefully check the seller's website before ordering if this is important to you.  If in any doubt we would suggest you submit a query direct to the seller who will be more than happy to clarify things for you, usually more or less by return. 

Options for the Pinnacle Stork may include an installation service,  assembly kit, and a choice of DIY decorative finishes.
The playhouse is delivered dip treated ready for assembly by the purchaser.  It is recommended that the playhouse is assembled by a minimum of two persons. 
See the details of sellers and prices given above.
Our Verdict
We think the Pinnacle Stork is a good, solid 6' x 6' traditional wooden playhouse providing good value for money.  We like the opening windows and bright interior and also the tongue and groove flooring. Not everyone is looking for a platform playhouse, but it's good to have the platform option available. 

Just one word of caution.  As we mention above, the vertical posts and front railings included in the platform version of the Stork aren't always supplied with the ground level playhouse although you should still get the side railings.  If the seller's website isn't entirely clear as to what's included, we'd recommend e-mailing them before ordering to make sure of what you'll be getting.  Other than this, we don't think you'll go far wrong with the Pinnacle Stork if you're looking for a 6' x 6' traditional wooden playhouse - platform or otherwise.

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