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The Playaway Wooden Playhouse

Size;  5'3'' x 5'1''

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Price from £329.00

The Playaway Wooden Playhouse

Style and Design
Rowlinson's Playaway wooden playhouse is a great example of quality meeting affordability.  Finished in durable materials, the traditional design of the playaway is pleasing to the eye while the large windows glazed in a Georgian style ensure a light and airy feel to the interior.  The integral verandah is just another attractive feature of a popular and widely available wooden playhouse.  If you're looking for a 5' x 5' wooden playhouse the Playaway by Rowlinson should definitely be near the top of your list - children will love it!
Finished in quality 12mm FSC approved tongue and groove cladding on a timber frame the playhouse also features solid sheet OSb roofing and tongue and groove wooden flooring.  The roof is clad in mineral felt for a weatherproof finish while the windows are glazed in styrene for safety.
The overall measurements of the Playaway wooden playhouse are 5'3'' x 5'1''.  The height of the building is 5'4''.
The playhouse is finished in a honey brown basecoat dip.  A final decorative/protective finish will need to be applied by the purchaser at the time of assembly and renewed at regular intervals thereafter to prolong the life of the building.
Options for the Playaway are limited but may include a choice of decorative finishes.  Some sellers supply the building with a tongue and groove timber floor.
The playhouse is delivered ready for straightforward diy assembly by the purchaser.
See the details of sellers and prices given above.
Our Verdict
The Playaway is a nice example of a wooden playhouse of this size and price.  It features traditional styling with a small external decked verandah, an attractive antique style door handle and three large windows - one in the door - to ensure a nice bright and cheery interior.  The windows also allow easy supervision of children playing inside.  The Playaway is popular and widely available - but prices vary widely too - check out our price guide above and you'll see what we mean.  The lower end of the scale keeps it firmly in the economy category and at this price we think it's great value.

The standard of construction is about the norm for a budget playhouse with 12mm tongue and groove wall panels and a solid sheet OSB roof.  Something of a bonus though is the tongue and groove wooden floor which is now offered by most if not all Playaway sellers.  While the solid sheet OSB flooring found in many economy models is adequate we much prefer a floor of real wood which is superior in terms of both strength and resistance to moisture damage.  We think it looks better too.  One thing to note is that to benefit from the manufacturer's guarantee there's a requirement to mount the Playaway on 50 x 50mm treated cross bearers which aren't supplied.  We think this is good practice with any wooden playhouse - see our feature on Wooden Playhouse Bases.  The Playaway is one of a series of playhouses produced by Rowlinson, a manufacturer of garden products who enjoy a good reputation for quality.  You can see the range on this short video (opens in a new window) which, although it tends to focus on the Little Lodge and Playaway Swiss Cottage, gives you a good idea of the standards of construction Rowlinson adopt.

Assembly of the Playaway isn't something that should cause you much difficulty.  It's a relatively small structure and the panels come pre-formed so there shouldn't be too much work involved - you will need a basic tool kit though and this should include a power drill with a 2mm bit to pre-drill the screwholes.  In general the instructions are clear and well illustrated.  To enable you to see exactly what's involved and what tools you'll need to have to hand we've put a link to the full assembly instructions here (opens in a new window).  One thing you will have to attend to at the time of assembly is to apply a final preservative/decorative finish to the playhouse since, although the Playaway is dip treated prior to delivery, this only really provides protection during storage and transit.  It's essential that a final finish be applied to obtain the benefit of the manufacturer's warranty and it's certainly not a step you should skip.  We'd recommend you apply the finish before the playhouse is assembled to enable you to reach all the parts, especially the framing and bearers and underside of the floor.  It's also a good idea to place the tongue and groove panels upside down before adding the finish.  This makes it easier to properly treat the joins between the strips of cladding.

After the Playaway is properly assembled and treated you'll have an attractive little garden building which should enjoy a long life and provide hours of fun and games.  The playhouse has a rather cute appearance which we think will delight children and this, coupled with the value for money and decent build quality it offers at the price makes the Playaway a good choice if you're looking for a single storey 5' x 5' wooden playhouse.  There are a few alternatives around, principally the Kitty, the Cranberry, the Tulip and the Poppy, and by all means have a look at these also.  We think the Kitty probably comes closest to the Playaway in terms of quality and value but it's a slightly different style with an opening window and the others have their plus points too.  All in all we think the Playaway's a great buy if you can get it at the lower end of the range of prices listed in our price guide above.  Customer satisfaction's high too - see our  customer review finder.  We've awarded it 5 wooden playhouse stars!
   nice styling

   plenty windows

   tongue and groove floor

   nothing really
Our Star Rating
(5 out of 5 stars
Review by the Wooden Playhouse Guide)

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