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The Polly Wooden Playhouse

Size;  4'6'' x 4'3''

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The Polly Wooden Playhouse

Style and Design
A lovely 4'6'' x 4'3'' child's wooden playhouse of simple yet attractive design with an eyecatching flower motif on the door. Practicality meets functionality along traditional lines ideally suited to the younger child.
The building is constructed of 12mm tongue and groove cladding on a 28 x 28mm frame with an 8mm OSB sheet floor and roof.  The roof is covered in red roofing felt while the single window and door are glazed in styrene for safety.
The height of the Polly is 3'4'' at the eaves rising to 4'4'' at the roof ridge.  The overall dimensions are 4'6'' x 4'3'' externally giving an internal play area of 4'2'' x 4'0''.  The door measures 1'7'' x 3'0''.
The playhouse is pre treated with a water based factory dip.  A final decorative or protective coating will require to be applied at the time of assembly or very soon thereafter and regularly maintained.  The illustrated model has been finished in bright colouring to provide an attractive focal point.
DIY final finishes may be available at the time of ordering.
The Polly is delivered ready for assembly by two persons.  Excluding decoration time assembly should take around 3 to 5 hours.
See the details of sellers and prices given above.
Our Verdict
The Polly is a simply designed compact wooden playhouse of a similar size and style to models such as the Snug, and the Woodbury 4x4 although it tends to be priced a little higher so depending on the price on the day the Snug and the Woodbury may give better value.  We'd suggest you also take a look at the  Bluebell, the BillyOh Child's Log Cabin, and BillyOh's Bunny and Bunny Max.  Although the styles differ, these all offer a similar size and are in general good value.

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