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Here you can find old Wooden Playhouse Price and Other News which has now been moved off the front page - if your looking for the latest news see our Price News section

News Archive - 2019
Amazing Discounts at Garden Buildings Direct and BillyOh

Both Garden Buildings Direct and BillyOh are featuring a super discount code on online orders until midnight this Monday (30 December).  You can get 20% off all purchases over £250 - that's as much as £259.60 off the flagship Log Cabin Annex for example!  Check it all out on our Discount and Promo Code Page.
(26 December 2019)
And at QD Stores...

...there's 20% off everything until midnight on Black Friday, 29 November.  No codes, no conditions, just 20% off.  See all the Black Friday Prices at QD Stores.
(29 November 2019)
Cuckooland's Black Friday

There's another great Black Friday deal at Cuckooland!  Until Monday 2 December you can get 10% off online orders using code 10XYBER19.  The offer excludes existing sale offers and certain brands - but we think it's still worth checking out.  All the details at Cuckooland or on our Wooden Playhouse Discount page.
(29 November 2019)
Black Friday at BillyOh and Garden Buildings Direct

And a couple of great Black Friday offers from BillyOh and Garden Buildings Direct - they're both offering 20% off everything until Monday 2 December.  That means you could save anything from £33.80 on a BillyOh Bunny to a massive £238.00 on a Mad Dash Annex.  Check it all out at BillyOh and Garden Buildings Direct.
(28 November 2019)
Black Friday Anyone?

Generally, we'd have to say we're a little sceptical about whether you'll really find any good deals on Black Friday.  But in the case of Wickes we've found a couple of genuine price reductions which make them the cheapest we can find on the market - at least until Monday 2 December.  Check out the Snug at £170.00, and the Pixie at £240.  But remember, these offers may not be around for long.  
(28 November 2019)
Internet Gardener - Notice of Liquidation

Internet Gardener, the Nottinghamshire based wooden playhouse supplier, have posted a notice of intention to go into liquidation.  It's unlikely any of our visitors are waiting for a delivery from them as their prices haven't on the whole been competitive for some time.  Anyone with any concerns should visit the company's website for further details.
(13 November 2019)
The TP Stable Cottage and Sunnyside Tower- Wow!

Perfectly timed for Christmas TP have knocked a whopping £55 off the price of their Stable Cottage and £60 off both versions of the Sunnyside Tower.  Stable Cottage now retails at just £119.99 - a saving of over 30% and you can buy Sunnyside Tower for only £219.99 or £259.99 with a super green slide.  But don't delay, these offers may not be around for long as the end of the year approaches.
(31 October 2019)
...and an update on our wooden playhouse review finder

Just to let you know - in case you've saved the address or added to your favourites - our customer review finder page is no longer available on the site.  To make things easier for you we now include links to all the customer reviews we've been able to find in each of our wooden playhouse reviews.  It all means more information at your fingertips and less clicks for you to find out everything you need to know.
(19 October 2019)
TP Sale on this week at Cuckooland

Definitely worth a look is Cuckooland's TP Sale.  20% off makes Cuckooland the cheapest option on quite a few wooden playhouses.  Check out all the details on  the Cuckooland site.
(5 August 2019)
Big Money Savings at B&Q!

B&Q have a great offer this weekend - 20% off all garden furniture and barbeques - and that includes wooden playhouses!  We can see some great bargains here - like a saving of £97.60 on the Croft playhouse, making B&Q far and away the cheapest seller this weekend.  Check it all out at www.diy.com - but don't hang around - it all ends on Monday 15 July.
(13 July 2019)
Argos Gift Voucher  Offer

Just to let you know that Argos are running a gift voucher promotion this weekend.  Spend £50 or more and you'll get a gift voucher for £5 valid until 23 July.  Spend £100 or more and this rises to £10.  The offer's open until 2 July so you've  a couple of days left to take advantage.
(30 June 2019)
Aldi's contribution to the Wooden Playhouse market

This week Aldi are featuring a verandah style single storey wooden playhouse as an online special at a price of £149.99.  It's designed along the same lines as the TP Meadow Cottage and the TP Forest Cabin but priced a little cheaper.  Badged the Sunflower, you can see all the details and delivery arrangements here.  If it tickles your fancy you'll have to move fast.  The last time Aldi ran an offer like this it was for a two storey playhouse and it sold out within a few days.  But don't worry if you miss the offer.  You'll find plenty of comparable models above
(26 June 2019)
The Waltons or Mercia Double Storey Garage - a new arrival

We've a new playhouse on the site this week in the shape of the Waltons or Mercia Double Storey Garage.  You'll find a few garage style playhouses around at the moment but in our view, this one is a great value buy - and just in time for the summer holidays too!  It's available at quite a few outlets but at the moment Robert Dyas have the best price we can find for this great model at just £599.99.  Check out all the details and prices over on our Double Storey Garage page.
(23 June 2019)
A Real Bargain from Argos

Just in time for midsummer's eve, Argos have slashed their price for the Plum Premium Wooden Adventure Playhouse by a massive 25%.  That brings their price for this exciting model down to just £674.99 - by some way the lowest price currently available.  Read all about Plum's leading playhouse and see the latest prices on our Plum Premium Wooden Adventure Playhouse page.
(20 June 2019)
Summer Holidays are on the Way!

...and what better way to make the most of it than to kit out your garden with a great wooden playhouse for the children to enjoy.  We take a look at half a dozen super playhouses which we think will fit the bill perfectly this summer. You can read all about it in our article: Six Great Wooden Playhouses for Summer 2019.
(17 June 2019)
Snug still a cheap playhouse option!

A quick heads up on Mercia's Snug playhouse.  You'll recall we reported Wickes price drop to just £180 for this popular quality model in April.  Well, it was too good to last and they've now hiked the price back up to a rather eyewatering £237.50.  The good news though is that this weekend you can pick up a Snug for just £189.99 from Shedstore.  That's still a super deal for this model.  All the details on our Snug wooden playhouse page.
(update 2 June 2019)
Robert Dyas Lead the Way!

Robert Dyashave extended their range to cover many of the more popular children's wooden playhouses. And that's not all - many of them are keenly priced, so much so that as at the May bank holiday we have them listed as the best buy if you're looking for any of the following; the Honeypot Snowdrop, the Primrose Dorma, the Tulip, the Tulip Tower and its variations, the Corner Wooden Playhouse, the Dutch Barn 6x6, the Playaway, the Rose, the Bluebell, and the Mercia Hideout.  See their full range here.  
(24 May 2019)
B&Q's Superb Bank Holiday Weekend Offer

B&Q have an amazing 20% off outdoor event this weekend.  Buy a wooden playhouse online and they'll apply the discount at the checkout.  Now, B&Q are seldom a competitive seller when it comes to children's playhouses - but knock 20% off their prices and the picture changes dramatically.  Check out their wooden playhouse range here!
(24 May 2019)
Primrose Dorma Price Plummets

A superb deal on the Dorma Playhouse from Robert Dyas.  They've slashed £200 off the standard retail price meaning they're now the cheapest we've seen online at just £649.99 - that's at least £100 less than anyone else!  Find out all the details on our Primrose Dorma playhouse page.
(24 May 2019)
22 May 2019 - Price Reductions on the Shire Lodge and Rowlinson's Hideaway House

Two more dropped prices for you this week.  This time it's the Shire Lodge and the Hideaway House- and in both cases the new low price comes from the currently very competitive Garden Street - our retailer of the month for April.  They currently have the Shire Lodge priced at just £924.99while the Hideaway House comes in at just £729.99.  True, One Garden also have  the Lodge at the same price, but in our opinion Garden Street offer a better delivery deal, particularly if you live in a more "remote" area - so in this case we'd go with them.
(22. May 2019)
Grab a Dutch Barn Playhouse this Holiday Weekend - or a Primrose Dorma with upstairs play bunk!

These days we tend to find that Buy Sheds Direct and its companion site Shedstore aren't too competitive when it comes to wooden playhouses.  There's an exception at the moment though for the highly popular Dutch Barn 6'x6'   and the delightful Primrose Dorma with its upper play bunk. While Shedstore are still retailing these models at prices you wouldn't look at, Buy Sheds Direct have slashed their price for the Dutch Barn to a market leading £409.99 and for the Primrose Dorma to a lowest we can find £749.99!  It's  unusual for them to be this cheap and they do tend to bounce their prices around on a regular basis - so don't hang around if you want to take advantage.
16 May 2019 - This Week's Bargains so far...

A couple of big price reductions we've noticed this week - TP have reduced the price of their Forest Cabin  playhouse by £30 to a very affordable £169.99 - while both Ryman and Marisota have Plum's excellent Garden Hut available to pre-order at a superb value £155.00 - at the moment that's over £30 cheaper than anyone else.  Although the Garden Hut is on pre-order, the estimated delivery date is 23 May so you shouldn't have to wait too long.  As ever though, we don't know how long these prices will last so if you're looking for a bargain it's best not to hang around.
Pricewatch - TP Bramble Cottage

TP's Bramble Cottage is a delightful little wooden playhouse which comes finished in attractive shades of blue - just what you want for little ones in the garden on a lovely spring or summer day.  And this May weekend TP have slashed their price for this great model to just £229.99.  This beats all competitors - some by well over £100.  We don't know how long this super value for money price will last though so if you fancy a Bramble Cottage now's the time to buy!   
Snug on Sale!

If you're in the market for a smaller child's playhouse, say 4' x 4', the Snug usually ticks all the boxes.  Trouble is that it doesn't always come in at the lowest price or best value.  But at the moment Wickes have dropped their price for this great model to a near giveaway low of £180 - by far and away the best deal we can find.  We don't know how long it will last though so if the Snug tickles your fancy, head over to Wickes now and take advantage.

Oh and by the way - they've also dropped their prices for the Snug Tower and very much lead the way in value for that model too, with or without a slide.  So if you like a bargain you know where to look!
April 2019 Retailer of the Month - Garden Street

We don't normally single out any particular wooden playhouse seller for recognition - but for April 2019 we're prepared to make an exception.  Usually retailers carry a mix of prices, some competitive, others less so - but recently Garden Street have made a noticeable - and commendable - effort to ensure their wooden playhouse prices are competitive - usually the cheapest on the net.  And that extends from budget models like the Woodbury all the way up to deluxe items such as the Palmako Felix and the luxurious Salcey.

So, Garden Street, a feather in your cap from the Wooden Playhouse guide for services to the wooden playhouse buyer.  Garden Street carry a wide range of wooden playhouses which you can see here - and to see if you're getting a good deal don't forget to check our unique price comparison chart for the playhouse you have in mind.
A Good Time to Buy

As we move towards May, early year wooden playhouse price fluctuations are beginning to settle down and we're seeing some consistency across the board.  There are still some Easter special reductions around though and in some cases these will carry on until the end of April - or even through the May day holiday weekend.  Remember that as summer approaches - and that's not so far away now - some popular models will become less available, especially at the lowest prices so now's a good time to have a look around to see what you can get for your budget.  And if you're not ready to put your playhouse together yet you can always put that job on hold until later in the year.  Delivery times can stretch during the summer months with high demand and holidays. If you move early you can make sure your playhouse is there when you want it.
Super Spring Offers from BillyOh and Garden Buildings Direct

Fantastic spring offers from BillyOh and Garden Buildings Direct - 10% off all sales of £200 or more until 31 March 2019.  Both sellers offer the same great range of wooden playhouses which you can view at BillyOh and Garden Buildings Direct.  The range covers all sizes from small single storey playhouses to large two storey models and there are some great designs and accessories as well as savings to be made.  Well worth a look but note the expiry date - don't leave it 'til after the clocks go forward!  You can check out full details of this and other great wooden playhouse offers on our Wooden Playhouse Discount and Promo Code page.
Prices on the Move!

As we work our way through February we're beginning to see new prices appearing as retailers stock up for 2019 - and needless to say we're not seeing many moving downwards.  It's still not too late to grab a bargain at last year's rates though if you shop around - and our price guides and reviews are perfect for doing just that.  One notable exception to the price increase outbreak at the time of posting is BillyOh whose playhouses are still available at 2018 prices.  You can check out what they have here - and you can get all these deals at Garden Buildings Direct too.  Spring is just around the corner so don't hang around.
Tidying up the Wooden Playhouse Guide

We've been doing some work to the site for 2019 to improve your browsing experience.  We've moved last year's news articles to a News Archive which (if you wish) you can view here.  And we've also dropped a number of superseded or discontinued models.  We held onto some of them for quite a long time on the off chance they might turn up for sale again - but no show and we've taken them off.  This should make browsing and finding your ideal  wooden playhouse even easier.  After all, we are a playhouse buyer's guide and although we might be interested in playhouse history, listing models which are no longer on sale seems to miss the point! 
TP Pavilion - Amazon's Amazing Offer

If you move quickly you might just be able to snap up TP's Pavilion  Playhouse at the astounding price of only £87.48. But you'll need to move fast as there's only one left.  Full details here.
TP Toys - January 10% Offer

TP Toys had a great 10% off offer for Christmas - and the good news is that they're reintroducing it for the second half of January.  So from now until 27 January 2019 you can enjoy 10% off all purchases over £200 from TP Toys - see full details on our Discount and Promo Codes page.
Happy New Year from the Wooden Playhouse Buyers Guide!

We'd like to take this chance to wish our site users all the best for 2019.  It won't be long until the dark winter nights are a thing of the past and spring will be upon us.  January's usually a good time to look around for a wooden playhouse at last year's prices for delivery in good time for the better weather arriving - and there's no better place to do that than the UK Wooden Playhouse Buyers' Guide.  Here we bring together the wooden playhouses available online in the UK in one place with reviews and our unique guide to sellers and prices.  Happy hunting and best wishes for the coming year.
10% off at BillyOh and Garden Buildings Direct

BillyOh and Garden Buildings Direct have a super New Year offer to save you some cash as you gear up for spring.  You can get 10% off orders over £200 using their special winter code.  Both sellers feature some great wooden playhouses so this is something well worth checking out.  You can find all the details over at our Wooden Playhouse Discount and Promo page.
The Children's Hazel Tunnel - a Unique Feature for your Garden!

We'll be honest - we've been looking at this one for a while and been in two minds as to whether it's really a children's wooden playhouse or not.  But in the end we've decided it's really up to you to choose, so we're introducing the Children's Hazel Tunnel - undoubtedly a great, natural garden feature, but with the added bonus that it doubles up as a unique child's play facility and 'hidey hole'.  We think it's great for encouraging outdoor play - and while it certainly doesn't fit into any traditional wooden playhouse category it's well worth a look.  All the details, together with pricing information are in our Children's Hazel Tunnel review.
(19 October 2019)
News Archive - 2018
A Christmas treat from TP Toys!

TP Toys have launched a great new discount code giving you 10% off all orders over £200 until 30 December.  You can see the full details on our Wooden Playouse Discount and Promo page.

And in another boost if you're looking for a TP playhouse, Amazon have slashed the cost of the TP Pavilion to just £115.79 - and as of 18 December it will still arrive in time for Christmas!!
Wooden Playhouse Black Friday!

Some great Black Friday deals in store for wooden playhouse buyers.

Cuckooland have slashed many of their prices, especially on their TP range, and that makes them currently the cheapest online seller for a number of models.  Their current offers are certainly worth a look - you can see them here.

All Round Fun are offering a massive 10% off absolutely everything until 26 November with the code FRIDAY.

Garden Buildings Direct have 10% off all sales over £250 from 23 - 25 November with the code BLACK10

TP Toys give you 10% off orders over £200 until 2 December with the code S6DKY

Some of these represent massive savings, especially on larger wooden playhouses. Check them out under the links above or on our Wooden Playouse Discount and Promo page.
Deals of the Day!

As at 2 November Waltons have slashed the base price of the Mercia Hideout by over £70.  You can currently pick this great playhouse up at a bargain basement £249.88.  Check the deal out here.

And that's not all.  Waltons have also cut the price of the Primrose Dorma to only £649.99.  That's £100 cheaper than anyone else - and some are selling the Dorma at £880 - you do the maths.  You can find all the details of this great price here.
Mercia back on track!

This week's welcome news is that after the summer rush sellers are stocking up again on Mercia wooden playhouses - just in time for Christmas!  This means that as at 31 October 2018 you can get the cool Mercia Corner Playhouse for as little as £249.88 superb Snug model at a rock bottom £149.99  - definitely a winner for Christmas.  These are popular models so if they take your fancy its best to move quickly while stocks last.
Christmas is Coming!

Well, October is fast approaching and it's certainly not too early to turn your thoughts towards Christmas.  Wooden playhouses don't always spring to mind when you're wondering how to fill a Christmas stocking.  And it's true that outdoor play can be at a premium during the festive season and in the early months of the year - as can opportunities to put a playhouse together outside.  But some smaller models are ideal for indoor use and are guaranteed to delight the younger child.  And you also have the option of moving the playhouse outdoors when spring comes. 

So do have a look at some of the smaller playhouses we feature above on this page.  The TP range in particular lends itself well to indoor play and won't break the bank either.
Our Top Five Wooden Playhouses for Christmas 2018

We feature our top five wooden playhouses for this Christmas - you can read all about it here.
A Warm Welcome to Ryman

We'd like to extend a warm welcome to the Wooden Playhouse Guide to Ryman - who come straight in as the price leaders for the Little Lodge playhouse.  Ryman are principally a stationery supplier but they carry a small, select range of wooden playhouses which are available at attractive online prices.  If they don't feature the lowest prices for the models they sell they're generally not far off and are definitely worth checking out.  You can see their range - and it is quite select - here.
TP Toys September Offer

TP Toys are rapidly developing into one of the UK's leading online wooden playhouse sellers - and their September 2018 offer's not to be sniffed at.  You can claim 10% off purchases over £300 with the code you'll find on our Discount and Promo Page.  Ok, that's not going to save you anything on their smaller entry models which you'll find above on this page - but it can lead to some serious savings on their flagship playhouses such as the Pirate Galleon, Forest Cottage and the TP Loft and its variations - particularly the Weymouth and the Padstow which TP have knocked down to just £639.99 and £679.99 at the moment.  Just what you need as the weather turns cooler and you look for something to provide a litte shelter when it comes to outdoor play!
Worldstores bids goodbye

A long established name in the wooden playhouse market disappeared from our screens on 4 September 2018 with the dropping of the Worldstores brand.  Worldstores were acquired by the Dunelm group in 2016 and the decision has been taken to market items previously sold by Worldstores under the Dunelm name.  We're currently in the process of updating the site to reflect this.  But don't worry, you won't miss any bargains there may be to find.  Clicking on any links you find on the site to Worldstores will now take you straight to the Dunelm site where you can easily search for the model of playhouse you're looking for.  We don't think the disappearance of the Worldstores name will make too much difference though.  We've never found their prices to be particularly competitive and it remains to be seen if anything will change in the future now that the marketing is done by Dunelm.
August Bank Holiday Promos

A couple of bank holiday promos which might be worth checking out if you're in the market for a wooden playhouse.  TP Toys have revived their 10% off orders over £300 until 2 September and until 27 August you can get an additional 15% off purchases from Robert Dyas - you can find all the details on our Discount and Promo Codes Page.
Promo Code Alert - TP Toys

Check out TP Toys' latest promo code on our Discount and Promo Codes Page - !0% off all orders over £300 - but be quick - it expires on 12 August!
Farewell to Kiddicare

Some overdue rationalisation in the Dunelm Group sees the vast majority of its wooden playhouses now marketed under the Worldstores label and the disappearance of the long establised Kiddicare brand.  Since Dunelm absorbed Worldstores and Kiddicare in 2016 wooden playhouses were generally sold under all three labels which led to unnecessary duplication and confusion and was certainly no help to the wooden playhouse buyer given that the price was invariably the same over all three sites.  No help to us either as it tripled the work we had to do to ensure that our price guides remained accurate and up to date!  Needless to say, we're very much in favour of this sensible move - but in all honesty it's unlikely that it will affect many if any purchasers, especially if they use our price guides.  We've never found Dunelm, Worldstores or Kiddicare's prices to be particularly competitive irrespective of which of the three sites we were looking at.  And not only that - Dunelm seem to have taken this opportunity to ratchet up Worldstores' prices - so in most case we'd be suggesting you look elsewhere.
Welcome to August (it's best to move quickly!)

So here we are in August already and this great summer of 2018 is in full swing.  With the school holidays here and plenty of opportunity for outdoor living we're starting to notice some shortages in the world of wooden playhouse sales.  Mercia models in particular are in short supply with some, like the popular Tulip and the quirky Corner Playhouse sold out altogether - and others such as the widely sold Honeypot Snowdrop only available from the more expensive sellers.  And you'll have to move fast if you fancy the Plum Great Wooden Teepee.  Right now, you only find it at Amazon and we suspect stock may be low there as well.  The message really is - if you're thinking about a wooden playhouse for the summer - or even for the Autumn when the weather gets a little cooler and damper - it's best not to hang around.  Some sellers don't expect to replenish their stocks until October at the earliest and you don't want to be left in the lurch.
July 2018 - Go Cuckoo on the TP Loft, Weymouth, Skye and Padstow!

Cuckooland have slashed their prices on the TP Loft and its variants, the Weymouth, Skye and Padstow.  As of the final weekend in July they have the lowest prices on these models - but we don't know how long it will last so we'd suggest you move fast - check it all out on our TP Loft page.  And it's not just the TP Loft either.  Cuckooland currently lead the way on TP's Pirate Galleon, Forest MansionChalet Tower and Forest Cottage Tower.  We have all the details - just click the blue links.
July 2018 - Tesco Direct Closure a Boost to the Wooden Playhouse Buyer!

Well that's what we think anyway.  Tesco's online shopping site closed on 9 July bringing to an end one of the more uncompetitive online sellers of wooden playhouses.  We've watched Tesco's prices over the years and found them seldom if ever to offer the best deals on wooden playhouses.  And we're sure that this, coupled with Tesco's high Google listings has often drawn buyers into paying more - sometimes much more - than they needed to for their wooden playhouse.  Well, all that's at an end now and in our opinion that can only be good news.   If you're looking for the best deals you know where to find them - and that's in the pages of the Wooden Playhouse Guide.  Take a browse through our pages, find the playhouse for you and check our regularly maintained price comparisons - you can't lose! 
Latest Sellers on the Site - June 2018

Good and bad news really.  We've tracked down a small range of wooden playhouse for sale by JD Williams  (probably better known as an online fashion retailer).  That's the end of the good news.  Unfortunately their prices are far from competitive and in all honesty we don't think we'd bother.  You'll find yourself a far better deal by checking out  some of the other sellers we list and out price guides - happy hunting!
Time to Buy

Summer's here - and sadly we continue to see steady upward pressure on wooden playhouse prices.  Elbec Garden Buildings are the latest seller to increase prices more or less across the board - and that makes them pretty uncompetitive overall.  Checking our unique price guides will definitely help make sure you get the best deal available - and with prices rising all the time we'd suggest you don't delay if you're looking for a wooden playhouse to keep the children occupied during the summer holidays.
TP Toys' Summer Offer

Worth a look is TP Toys summer offer - 10% off all orders over £300 - and that's on top of sale prices or existing reductions!  You can find all the details on our Wooden Playhouse Promo Page.
Important - your Wooden Playhouse Reviews

Any of you who have tried to submit a wooden playhouse review recently will have noticed that our Wooden Playhouse Review Form developed a fault following the discontinuation of support for our anti-robot software on 31 March 2018.  You'll be pleased to know that this has now been rectified and as from 9 May 2018 you'll be able to submit your review here.  Wooden playhouse user reviews are an important part of the service we provide so please keep them coming.

And please note too that we no longer require you to submit an e-mail address with your review.  A name (which can be a first name only if you prefer) and your city, town or county of residence is all we ask for to enable us to publish your review. 
Marisota's Introductory Offer

If you're looking for a wooden playhouse you won't necessarily be familiar with the name Marisota.  That's because they're generally associated with fashion and homeware - but they do have a small selection of wooden playhouses in their extensive range.  In general their prices aren't very competitive, in fact they're often some of the highest around, but they currently offer 20% off your first order - which might make all the difference.  The offer excludes electricals, large appliances and outlet - but we don't see any reference to playhouses or garden buildings.  If you've never used Marisota before you may well be eligible - check out their range and the offer details here.
Tesco Direct Closure

Tesco have announced that they are to close the Tesco Direct online retail non food operation - which includes a sizeable range of wooden playhouses - on 9 July 2018.  Frankly, we're not that surprised by this news.  We've been looking at Tesco's wooden playhouses for some time and while we do list them on the site for completeness, we've found that that their prices are seldom, if ever, competitive and there are generally far better deals to be found.

With this in mind, we've never really understood why Tesco always appear pretty much at the top of Google's results when you search for a wooden playhouse.  We're sure this has led to many buyers paying more, maybe much more, than they need to and that's one of the things we're here to avoid. So all in all, while it's always very sad to see jobs put at risk, we don't think Tesco Direct will be a great loss to the online wooden playhouse market.  You can find more information on the closure here (opens in a new window).
The New Hideout Wooden Playhouse

Hot on the heels of Waltons May price reductions comes the new Waltons Hideout!  Also badged as the Mercia Hideout it's a bunker themed playhouse and is available from several sellers.  You can find out everything you need to know plus our unique review and price guide here.
Waltons - May Price Reductions - Flash Sale!

Waltons have carried out  major review of their wooden playhouse pricing - and the great news is that prices are down across the board.  They currently lead the way with the cheapest prices for the Snug Tower and the Honeysuckle tower with slide as well as the Sheriff and the Rose.  And they've soared up the price charts for all the other playhouses they offer.  It looks as if these prices will hold only for a few days so we'd recommend you check them out as soon as you can.  You can see Waltons full wooden playhouse range here.
TP Toys - 10% Discount Promo Code

TP Toys are offering 10% off all purchases over £300 - including sale items - until 15 May 2018 using promo code S65SD.  They have some great playhouses available online - you can see their range here.
New - House of Fraser

A new seller to the Wooden Playhouse Guide this month is House of Fraser - and their pricing looks pretty good at the moment!  Many (though not all) their prices are competitive and they offer the best price of all on the Shire Hobby, the Club, the Wigwam.  Be sure to check them out!
May is Here!

In many ways May is the ideal month to buy your wooden playhouse.  The weather is warmer and drier making for far better conditions in which to preserve, decorate, assemble and enjoy your new playhouse outdoors.  And at the beginning of the month you'll often find great deals on prices for the May day holiday - like Cuckooland's 20% off all TP Toys offer which runs until 11 May.  This makes their prices for TP the best around - you can see their full range with prices here.
A New Arrival!

New to the Wooden Playhouse Guide this month is the Mercia Corner Playhouse, a brilliant 5'x5' pentagonal playhouse specially designed to fit into the garden corner.  It's a great budget model and the corner design doesn't scrimp on space either.  You can read our review and check out the best deals here.
April Offers

Notcutts tend not to be the most competitive of wooden playhouse sellers but what's often forgotten is that members of their Privilege Club (which costs £10 to join) enjoy 10% off their purchases.  And until Monday 23rd April Privilege Club members are entitled to a massive 20% off everything.  If you're looking at a large wooden playhouse such as the TP Padstow that's a whopping saving of almost £170 - less the £10 joining fee.  We think the 20% discount makes Notcutts prices some of the best around - until 23 April at any rate.  You can find all the details on our Discount and Promo page - but don't hang around!

Another promotion around at the moment which we think rates a mention is TP Toys offer of a free gift with every playhouse purchased before Monday 23 April.  The gifts are usually outdoor toys which you get to choose at the checkout stage - and there's some good stuff there - not just token items.  Again you'll find what you need to know on our Discount and Promo page - but like the Notcutts offer it won't be around for long!

And the other large playhouse big news this week is that BillyOh have slashed the price of their basic Annex Log Cabin by a humungous £286 - making them by far the current cheapest seller of this playhouse at the new price of only £1149.00.  See our BillyOh Annex Log Cabin feature for all the details.
12 April 2018 - Price Moves

Looks like there's a bit of a price war going on at the moment with the TP Pirate Galleon.  Tesco have slashed their price by a massive £110 (that's 24%) to £360 - but it's John Lewis that lead the way in our price guide today at only £334.99 - believe it or not that's a reduction of £115 or nearly 26% on their previous price.  We don't think these prices can be sustainable so if you want to take advantage you'll have to move quickly!

And Tesco are leading the way with the basic TP Chalet.  They've cut their price by £60 to undercut Sports Direct by £10 at £240.  Taking basic delivery charges into account though the saving's reduced to around £7.  Another huge cut, this time £78, also sees Tesco ahead in the TP Forest Cottage price stakes; only £312 for the basic model - beating the nearest price by £47.99.

If the Playaway Swiss Cottage takes your fancy you'll want to know that well known catalogue and on line retailer Argos have moved to  the top of the price table at £549.99.

Well, that's the good news.  There's been a bit of upward movemement of prices too, especially with some of the larger playhouses.  We think this is most likely due to the general economic situation and uncertainty over how timber markets might be affected by current events.  We don't see the situation improving much any time soon so the moral is that if you're thinking of buying a wooden playhouse for this summer you should probably move sooner rather than wait for an improvement in the market.  Our price comparison guides should be invaluable in helping you get a great deal.
11 April 2018 - Introducing Wicken Toys

The newest seller on the site Wicken Toys carries a small range of wooden playhouses, mostly by Plum and TP Toys.  But most importantly they top our best price charts for both the TP Pirate Galleon and the Plum Premium  Wooden Adventure Playhouse - definitely worth a look. 
6 April 2018 - Latest

Adventure Toys are currently the best price on the Axi Alice topping our price comparison chart at £400 (plus £10 minimum delivery).  See all the details in our Axi Alice review.  And not only that - we've got a brand new seller and a brand new best price for the Bluebell Playhouse.  The Chicken House Company come in at just £181.80 for this super little model.
Price Comparison Changes from April 2018

Big changes this month and going forward in our pricing charts!  We're adding many more national retailers so we can bring you even better deals and prices in line with our aim to make the Wooden Playhouse Guide the UK's one stop shop for the wooden playhouse buyer.

You can already see the difference with ASDA topping the Basil Multiplay/Dixie Duo and Charlie/Sage price charts and The Range now top of the pile with the lowest priced  Charlie/Sage Tower.  There are plenty more sellers and movers and shakers for you to find browsing our pages as we continue on our mission to become the UK's leading independent wooden playhouse site.
Easter Promotions

It's always worth keeping an eye out for special deals at this time of year and 2018 is no exception.  Wickes are offering 15% off everything with their promo code EXTRA 15 - and unlike Robert Dyas' 15% off promo code, Wickes' offer includes 15% off wooden playhouses.  Wickes don't currently lead any of our wooden playhouse price guides - but hey - 15% off everything has to be worth a look!  The offer only lasts until 2 April though so you'll have to move quickly.

And there's a few pounds to be saved at Argos too.  Until 4 April they're offering a £5 gift voucher on purchases over £50 and a £10 voucher on purchases over £100.  As long as you can use the voucher that could mean a TP Forest Play Den for £94.99 or, even better, a  TP Pavilion for only £78.99!
24 March 2018

Something of a bargain is to be had right now with the Crib Wooden PlayhouseArgos have knocked a whopping £180 off their previous list price making them by far the cheapest Crib seller featured at just £619.99.  That's a huge saving!

And we can report another huge discount from Argos, this time £70 knocked off the Bunny Platform Wooden Playhouse making them currently the cheapest seller of this model at £329.99.

Big price changes for the TP Forest Cottage tower wooden playhouse too.  Cuckooland have massively reduced their price for the basic slide free model by £80 and now lead our price comparison chart by miles at only £319.95.  They've knocked £50 off the slide version too to lead the way here at £359.95.  These prices are well clear of the competition on both counts and if you like the playhouse they look like a great bargain while they last.

No other major price moves to report right now although for the moment Amazon have sneaked into the cheapest position for the BillyOh Mad Dash Annexe by a whisker at £1429.00.  A few other sellers have been tinkering with their prices but nothing that affects our overall best buys in any significant way.

We'll be back soon with another pricewatch update.

Happy hunting
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The TP Meadow Cottage - the latest addition to TP's range rounds off April's news.  Its an attractive model with a verandah to the front - we think it's the most compact verandah playhouse on the market at the moment.  We bring you all the details, together with our own in depth review here.

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