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The Roba Indoor Wooden Playhouse

Size;  3'1'' x 2'8'' (94.5 x 82.5cm)

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roba wooden playhouse image
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The Roba Indoor Wooden Playhouse

Style and Design
The Roba is a neat little indoor wooden playhouse with fabric elements - ideal play for younger children.  It's great for creative indoor play and is ideally set up for use as a post office, puppet theatre, bank or shop.  It's suitable for occasional outdoor use when the weather is fine and is a great introduction to role play.
The Roba is constructed of lacquered MDF on wooden framing with a printed textile roof and curtains.  The textile is  65% polyester, 35% cotton.
The playhouse measures 94.5 cm wide by 82.5 cm deep with a height of 138cm (4'6'').
The MDF used in the Roba's construction is finished in bright non toxic lacquer 
The playhouse is delivered in a compact box measuring 89 x 39 x 9cm.  Assembly should take around 40 minutes.
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Our Verdict
Although it's a little different from most of the other playhouses featured on this site, we think that the Roba indoor playhouse is a good example of what it professes to be - a simply constructed, brightly coloured and relatively inexpensive indoor playhouse which provides plenty of features to encourage role play among younger children.  There are a number of great features which we think younger children will love, especially the shop front on one side and the puppet theatre on the other.  There's plenty of opportunity there for constructive and educational play.  Children can be encouraged to make their own puppets and entertain their friends and family.  Potentially hours of fun and games.

The Roba is definitely an indoor playhouse although it's size and weight (approx 10kg) should make it quite easy to transport outside on a fine sunny day.  Be sure not to leave it out in the rain though.  While the fabric roof, awning and curtains should be relatively easy to dry out, moisture causes MDF to deteriorate rapidly and it's unlikely your Roba playhouse would withstand a soaking.

The structure looks to be reasonably robust although it's not built to be clambered on or otherwise exposed to very rough play.  It should be fine for younger children engaged in role play and is specifically designed to encourage this.  It arrives in a compact package with an estimated 40 minute assembly time.  Beware, though.  Some customer reports suggest that assembly is complicated.

If you're looking for an indoor wooden playhouse we certainly think the Roba is a leader.  It's well priced, sports an impressive range of features and we think it generally beats a play tent hands down.  True, it's not suitable for outdoor use - but then it doesn't claim to be.  Other than the fact that assembly may be a little complicated we can't see any real drawbacks.  We've awarded it 4.5 wooden playhouse stars - but only if you're looking for an indoor playhouse.

   plenty features

   brightly coloured

   ideal for role play
   assembly may be a little complicated

   unsuited to outdoor use
Our Star Rating
(4.5 out of 5 stars
Review by the Wooden Playhouse Guide)

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