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The Rowlinson High View Hideaway

Size; 6'6'' x 7'7'' (2.01 x 2.31m)

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The Rowlinson High View Hideaway

Style and Design
The largest of Rowlinson's impressive range of platform playhouses, the High View Hideaway gives you plenty of playhouse for your money.  With its roomy internal play space and balcony to the front it's guaranteed to delight children and encourage hours of healthy outdoor play.
The High View Hideaway is finished in 12mm tongue and groove cladding with 19mm boarded non slip floor and balcony.  There are three fixed windows glazed in virtually unbreakable styrene and the roof is finished in felt for added weatherproofing.  In addition, the timbers are pressure treated against rot to ensure a long life for this attractive garden building.
The basic footprint of the structure is 6'6'' x 7'7'' (2.10 x 2.31m) with the width increasing to 7'3'' (2.21m) when the ladder is added.  Overall height is 8'3'' (2.51m) while the door opening measures 3'10'' x 1'8''  (111 x 51cm).  Platform height is 80cm.
The timbers of the High View Hideaway are pressure treated prior to delivery for long term resistance to rot.  
The playhouse is delivered to the kerbside ready for DIY home assembly.
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Our Verdict
Plenty of room and decent build quality is what we see with Rowlinson's High View Hideaway.  It's a large structure which we think children will love and there's plenty there to sustain interest.  Rowlinson have a good reputation when it comes to garden buildings and structures and much of this is down to the pressure treated timber used.  The majority of budget playhouses receive only a water based dip treatment which requires the purchaser to apply a final finish as soon as possible following delivery.  The process used in the manufacture of the High View Hideaway ensures the preservative penetrates deep into the woodwork, protecting against attack by rot for years to come.  The roof is finished in mineral felt too which will help to increase weatherproofing.

None of this will prevent you adding your own stamp by decorating the playhouse to your personal taste though - and we'd recommend this to keep the building looking fresh and bright.  Even pressure treated wood will take on a worn and weathered appearance when exposed to the elements and the addition of a final decorative coat will help preserve its appearance.  If you decide to decorate, we'd suggest you do this before you put the playhouse together.  That way it's easier to reach all the necessary areas and you can turn the tongue and groove panels upside down to ensure the finish penetrates right into the joins.

Overall the construction of the High View Hideaway looks nice and solid.  The 12mm tongue and groove cladding will give good resistance to the weather and provide a solid structure able to withstand the rough and tumble of children at play.  The post section comprises 65 x 65mm timbers for strength while the 19mm anti slip floor and verandah are ideal for a structure of this type.  From a safety aspect, the balcony isn't too high at 80cm and is protected on two sides by a balustrade which enhances the overall appearance.  For additional peace of mind, the windows are glazed in styrene - a virtually unbreakable material.  There are gaps around the door as well to reduce the risk of little fingers getting nipped.  One thing we don't see on the Hideaway though is a door catch.  If this proves to be a problem you might want to look at fitting a child friendly magnetic or similar catch to stop the door swinging open.

At the time of writing the High View Hideaway is fairly new to the market and we haven't been able to source a preview of the assembly instructions.  We don't see any great difficulty in putting the playhouse together though - but you should allow yourself plenty of time to complete the process.  With a structure of  this size we'd suggest two adults to carry out the job - and you'll need some basic DIY tools, including a ladder.

Overall we see the High View Hideaway as a large, good quality, simply designed wooden platform playhouse.  It doesn't have too many frills or features but should give you good service over the years without too much in the way of rot or deterioration.  If it's a little on the large side for you, take a look at Rowlinson's slight smaller alternatives: the Lookout and the Cosy Cottage.  Both will give you a quality build without taking up as much space as the High View Hideaway.  I you're looking for something a similar size we don't think there are many alternatives around.  The platform Stork is probably worth a look - but you don't get the pressure treatment or the roomy playhouse that the High View Hideaway offers.  We've given it a five star rating.  Because it's a new model at the time of writing we haven't managed to track down any customer reviews yet.  If you have a High View Hideaway we'd love it if you'd submit your own review using our wooden playhouse review form.  It will help us to help future buyers.
   roomy inside

   pressure treated wood


   simple but attractive design
   you may have to fit your own door catch
Our Star Rating
(5 out of 5 stars
Review by the Wooden Playhouse Guide)

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