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The Salcey Wooden Playhouse

Size; 6' x 7' (1.79 x 2.09)

price and availability varies
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salcey wooden playhouse image
Price from £738.99

The Salcey Wooden Playhouse

Style and Design
The Salcey is a traditionally styled premium wooden playhouse constructed of heavy duty quality materials and truly built to last.  It's not the cheapest playhouse in this size range by any means but it exudes quality and strength and the price reflects the highest standards of workmanship.  The playhouse's large opening windows allow plenty of light and air to reach the interior and the window box option is an interesting and eductional introduction to plant care for youngsters.

Without a doubt the Salcey will be an asset to your garden and will delight children with hours of outdoor fun and games.
The Salcey is constructed in exceptionally strong 28mm interlocking planed softwood boards - more than twice the thickness of the standard 12mm cladding seen in cheaper playhouses.   The floor is 12mm tongue and groove board while the roof consists of 11mm OSB solid sheet which can be finished in optional felt tiles.  The windows are glazed in styrene while the door features an iron pull handle.
Including the verandah the Salcey measures 6' (1.79m) x 7' (2.09m) with a height of 4'1'' (1.25) at the eaves rising to 5'6'' (1.54) at the roof apex.
The Salcey is delivered pre-treated with a basecoat dip.  The windows, door and fascia may be pre-painted red as illustrated.  In any event, a final decorative/preservative coat should be applied at the time of construction.
Options vary between sellers and may include window boxes, felt tiles and log cladding.
The Salcey is delivered flatpacked for assembly by the purchaser.  Being an interlocking log construction assembly is a little more complicated that the standard modular wooden playhouse but should be well within the capabilities of the average DIYer.  You can view the assembly instructions here.
See the details of sellers and prices given above.
Our Verdict
The Salcey is certainly a classy wooden playhouse.   The 28mm wood construction and tongue and groove floor should ensure a robust and durable building well able to handle the roughest of child's play.  The opening windows are a nice touch and the felt roof tiles round off the impression of luxury perfectly.  No-one would claim the Salcey is a cheap playhouse for its size but in the end you usually get what you pay for and in this case the price reflects the quality.

We must say however that we find the various options offered by some suppliers a little confusing, particularly in relation to the log cladding and felt tiles.  If you're in any doubt from the seller's website we'd suggest confirming exactly what's on offer in writing via either e-mail or the seller's contact form.  You should find you receive a quick response to any query submitted.

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