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The Sheriff Wooden Playhouse

Size; 6' x 5'

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Price from £299.99

The Sheriff Wooden Playhouse

Style and Design
An unusually designed pent style 6'x5' wooden playhouse with a wild west theme - along similar lines to the Jailhouse Playhouse but with some marked differences in both design and cost.  With its pent roof, windows to both the front and sides, attractive scalloped fascias and covered verandah the Sheriff is sure to become a favourite with the children.  It's constructed in quality materials with a good sized internal play area which is both bright and easy to supervise thanks to the playhouse's four windows.  
The Sheriff is constructed in 12mm shiplap tongue and groove cladding from FSC approved sources mounted on  28x28mm framing.  There's double framing to the corners to increase strength and stability and resist warping and all framing has been planed smooth and rounded to help avoid splinters.  The door is also fully framed for strength and durability and is hung with attractive antique style hinges.

The roof and floor comprise 9mm solid sheet board with the roof having a weatherproof roofing sand felt finish supplied as standard.  For safety, the windows are glazed in 100% shatterproof styrene and in addition there's a child safe door with 12mm finger gaps around the framing.
Overall the playhouse measures 5'11 x 5'9'' (181 x 175cm).  Excluding the verandah and the roof overhang the footprint is 5'9'' x 3'10'' (176 x 117cm).  The roof height at the rear is 4'7'' (139cm) rising to  5'1'' (154cm) at the front of the verandah.
The playhouse is dip treated prior to delivery and comes with a one year manufacturer's guarantee as standard.  There's also a conditional ten year anti rot guarantee which requires that the playhouse be treated with a suitable wood treatment at the time of installation or within three months thereafter and then on an annual basis.
An installation option for the Sheriff wooden playhouse may be available.
Unless an installation option has been purchased the playhouse will be delivered flat packed for home DIY assembly.  The panels are pre-formed and the windows already installed which makes assembly a straightforward matter.  You can have a preview of the assembly instructions here.
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Our Verdict
A slightly offbeat design for the Sheriff wooden playhouse.  Its direct competitor is probably the Jailhouse wooden playhouse if you're looking at it in a 'wild west' context although if you take away that theme it works well as a standard playhouse with a verandah.  Its distinctive feature is the fully pent roof which is unusual in a wooden playhouse and has the advantage of ensuring water drains off out of the way to the rear.

We also like the styrene glazed windows.  The fact that there are four means that (a) plenty of light gets to the interior and (b) supervision of children inside the playhouse is easy and unobtrusive.  They're a decent size too.  Headroom is more than adequate for younger children and the door is a good size for getting in and out.

On the whole the build of the Sheriff looks to be reasonably good quality.  We feel the framing is a little on the small side at 28 x 28mm for the size of the building but the double framing to the corners will help the playhouse to remain strong and stable and splinters should be kept to an absolute minimum if not completely eradicated by the smooth planed timbers.    The only other slight criticism we have to the build is that the floor comprises only 9mm solid sheet board.  We'd prefer to see a slightly thicker sheet or true wooden floor for strength and durability although to be fair floor bearers are supplied which will increase floor strength and should avoid problems - and the floor design helps to keep pricing reasonable.  You will have to make sure however that the playhouse is sited where water will not gather as solid sheet flooring is susceptible to water damage.  The roofing felt supplied should give a weatherproof finish to the solid sheet roof.

The playhouse is dip treated only prior to delivery so you will need to make sure that a good decorative/preservative finish is applied at the time of construction and maintained regularly after that.  It's particularly important to do this if you want the playhouse to enjoy the benefit of the 10 year anti rot guarantee which is offered.  Pressure treated wood is always preferable to a dip treatment which will only really protect the timbers during storage and delivery but we wouldn't expect to see pressure treatment for a playhouse of this size in this price range.

Assembly should be quite straightforward.  The panels are already formed and the windows installed so you shouldn't have too much difficulty putting the playhouse together with some basic tools.  There are quite a few screws involved so a power screwdriver wouldn't go amiss - it's not essential though.

For the price the Sheriff looks like a good value buy with decent internal headroom and an interesting design.  The only other point we'd mention is that while it's sold nominally as a 6' x 5' wooden playhouse, quite a lot of this is taken up by the verandah and the true playhouse area is limited to around 5'9'' x 3'10''.  This means that if you're looking for comparable playhouses without verandahs you're probably looking at 6' x 4' models such as the Snowdrop Cottage.
  pent roof

   plenty of windows

  plenty of headroom

   good value
   floor quality

   framing size
Our Star Rating
(3.5 out of 5 stars
Review by the Wooden Playhouse Guide)

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