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The Sportspower Eco Wooden Playhouse

Size; 3' x 3'4'' (93 x 102 cm)

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The Sportspower Eco Playhouse

Style and Design
A super little wooden playhouse with a unique feature roof which can be finished off in real turf!  The playhouse features a wooden build with a window to the front and no less than five additional flower boxes to enhance its eco status.  A superb introduction to sustainability and nature, the Eco playhouse has real educational as well as play value.
The Eco Playhouse is constructed in wood.  The slatted roof features a PE membrane and drainage holes to facilitate the planting and maintenance of turf and flowers (not included).
The playhouse measures 3' x 3'4''.  The height at the highest point of the roof is 4'1'' (124 cm).
The building is finished in an attractive brown, grey and white colour scheme (see illustration above).
The playhouse is delivered in easy to assemble prefabricated panels.
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Our Verdict
Well, what can we say?  Sportspower's Eco Playhouse is an attractive little model festooned with flower boxes and sporting a roof uniquely designed for the planting of turf and flowers.  The construction is simple and the playhouse arrives ready to assemble in double quick time, pre-finished in a colour scheme of natural brown with white window frame and a grey door.

The construction is open and airy in nature so the playhouse won't be wind and watertight.  It will, however, provide a nicely themed little building for younger children at play and, if you're horticulturally, inclined there are ample opportunities to introduce children to the delights of gardening.  To be honest though, we're a little sceptical about growing grass and flowers on the roof and we think that most purchasers will probably opt to finish it off with a strip of artificial turf.  Not only will this be cleaner and easier to maintain, it will add an extra degree of waterproofing.  Installing real grass and flowers would, we suggest, achieve the opposite.

There's not much more to add really.  If you do intend to adopt a natural finish to the roof, you should probably consider applying an extra coat or two of a suitable wood preserver before doing so to provide additional protection for the timber.  The remainder of the building is pre-finished in an appealing colour scheme so you don't need to do anything more straight away.  Like all wooden buildings kept outside however, the finish will weather over time so you may need to consider redecoration at some point in the future.

Whether you opt to buy the Eco Playhouse is a matter of personal preference really.  The eco design is fairly unique but if the horticultural element doesn't appeal to you, you could always finish off the roof with a piece of roofing felt instead or, as we suggest above, a section of artificial turf.  Assembly should be reasonably fuss free and there shouldn't be any safety issues either.  The construction does look a little lightweight though, so make sure everything is put together properly so the playhouse is able to withstand the rigours of children at play.  There's nothing wrong with the price and the playhouse fits well into the small and economical category.  It's a nice little model which will appeal to the younger child - we've awarded it three and a half stars.  If you want something a little more conventional and watertight, take a look at TP's Hideaway House or Meadow Cottage - or for a similar open design, the Chad Valley Wooden Playhouse is a good option too.

   ease of assembly

   not watertight

Our Star Rating
(3.5 out of 5 stars
Review by the Wooden Playhouse Guide)

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