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The TP Cubby Wooden Playhouse with Mud Kitchen

Size; 4'3'' x 3'(120 x 96cm)

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tp cubby playhouse with kitchen image
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The TP Cubby Wooden Playhouse with Mud Kitchen

Style and Design
This attractive little wooden playhouse comes with a delightful outdoor "mud" kitchen.  It features a traditional apex roofed design with an open structure and window boxes to the front.  TP's Cubby is a lovely addition to the garden to delight the younger child.
The Cubby is constructed throughout in FSC approved pine or spruce.
Sizes are 4'3'' x 3' approx (120 x 96cm) excluding the kitchen.  Height is 4'6'' (137cm) at the apex of the roof.
The timber is untreated prior to delivery.
The TP Cubby is delivered flat packed ready for straightforward DIY home assembly by the purchaser.
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Our Verdict
The TP Cubby is a nice, affordable little wooden playhouse which is actually small enoughto be used indoors as well as out.  It has an attractive, open design with a stable type door to the front and a large open window to the rear to allow children inside to easily interact with other children and adults on the outside.  This also means you can easily supervise what's going in inside without being too obtrusive.

The styling means that this isn't a wind and watertight structure, but it looks well designed for what it is and its open nature means it should dry out quite quickly after a shower.  The features include a couple of window boxes to the front which can be used to introduce youngsters the niceties of plant care if you wish and, of course, that delightful mud kitchen.  We'd suggest that if you do try to cultivate the window boxes, you keep the plants in pots to prevent earth from soiling the playhouse wood.

Assembly of the Cubby should be relatively straightforward.  It arrives flat packed with full instructions and fixings so you can put it together.  Note however that the timber is untreated which means that you'll have to apply a suitable preservative/decorative finish following delivery.  We'd suggest you do this before you put the playhouse together which should make it easier to reach everything you need to and to make sure the treatment or stain penetrates well into the joins in the wood.  As with all outdoor wooden buildings you'll need to periodically check the finish for damage and maintain it as necessary during the life of the playhouse.

You should find the TP Cubby priced quite competitively for a playhouse of its size and general open design.  It was new to the UK market in July 2020 and to us it looks like a useful addition to TP's extensive playhouse range with the bonus of that mud kitchen for added interest.  If you're looking for a compact wooden playhouse of this type of open style for a child of 18 months plus, simple to assemble and ready for outdoor use we think the TP Cubby is a value for money buy which, properly looked after, will serve you well.  4.5 stars from us.

By the way, if you're looking for an alternative with a more watertight construction, we have one or two suggestions below which are also worth checking out.  Of these, we think the Big Game Hunters' Cafe Shop is probably the pick of the bunch when it comes to value.
   nice open design

   integrated kitchen feature

   window boxes

   easy assembly

   not watertight
Our Star Rating
4.5 out of 5 stars
Review by the Wooden Playhouse Guide
(updated 25 May 2024)

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