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The Trigano Jardin Emy Wooden Playhouse

Size; 3'4'' x 3'4'' (1.02 x 1.02m)

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trigano jardin emy wooden playhouse small image
trigano jardine emy undecorated image
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The Trigano Jardin Emy Wooden Playhouse

Style and Design
A delightful little wooden playhouse for the garden, the Tigano Jardin Emy has enough room for up to three younger children at play and will provide hours of outdoor fun at an affordable price.
The Emy is constructed in robust 12mm wooden panels with a hinged half front door with a child friendly magnetic catch and open window to the front.  There's a nice wooden floor too.
The playhouse measures 3'4'' x 3'4'' (102 x 102cm).  The height at the roof apex is 5'1'' (156cm).
The playhouse receives a Class 3 Autoclave pressure treatment to protect the woodwork from rot and decay.  It's not necessary to apply further treatment following delivery but you may wish to decorate your Emy to make it even more attractive.  The top illustration shows the playhouse decorated in an attractive white with orange trim.  The Emy comes with a two year manufacturer's guarantee against damage by fungus and wood boring insects.
The Emy is delivered in largely pre-formed panels for DIY home assembly.  You can view the assembly instructions here (opens in a new window) to see what's involved before you buy.
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Our Verdict
The Emy is a nicely built, simple little playhouse which fits neatly into the 3'x3' category.  What you see is what you get really.  A small child's house with a half height front door, the upper half of the doorway open, and an unglazed front window.  There are no frills to the apex roofed design, the Emy's strength being in its simplicity.

The playhouse comes undecorated but with pressure treated wood.  This means that technically you wouldn't need to apply any further finish or treatment after you take delivery - but you'll probably want to decorate it to your taste and we'd certainly recommend this.  Even pressure treated wood can take on a worn and weathered appearance quite quickly once it's exposed to the elements and the application of a varnish or brightly coloured woodstain will help to keep your playhouse looking new and fresh.  We'd recommend applying the finish before you assemble the product.  This will allow you to reach those areas that might be difficult to get to once the playhouse is up and it also means you can turn the pre-formed panels upside down to make sure the finish gets right into the tongue and groove joins.  A little time spent at this stage can help to produce an impressive end product.  Keep a little sandpaper handy as you decorate.  Wood is a natural material and you may find one or two rough edges that need smoothing off before you apply the finish.

Overall the structure of the playhouse, 12mm cladding on a timber frame, should be robust enough to withstand child's play - and you don't have much to worry about safety when it comes to safety either.  The single window is unglazed and there are finger gaps at the door hinges and door bottom to help prevent little fingers being nipped.  The wooden floor, often absent in a playhouse of this size and style, will add to the overall strength of the structure.

Assembly should be straightforward.  The playhouse arrives with full instructions and all the fixings you need to put it together.  The screwholes aren't pre-drilled though so you'll need a power drill with a 2-3mm bit to attend to this during the assembly process.  As we mention above, you can see a copy of the full assembly instructions here (opens in a new window) so you can see exactly what's involved and what you'll need before your playhouse arrives.  The manufacturer's estimated assembly time is two hours for two adults.

There's not much more to add when it comes to the Emy.  If we have any criticism it's that with its uncovered roof and open window and door the playhouse won't be watertight and the interior will get wet during rain.  It's small enough to tip out any gathered water though and the open nature of the structure means it should dry out reasonably quickly.  Overall we see the Emy as a simply designed playhouse with good resistance to the elements thanks to its pressure treatment.  It's suitable for younger children, 3 to 8 years is the recommendation, and should give you a good few years service if properly looked after.  From what we've seen, customer satisfaction is largely favourable as well.  We've awarded the Emy four wooden playhouse stars. 
   easy assembly

   pressure treated wood

   simple design
   not watertight
Our Star Rating
(4 out of 5 stars
Review by the Wooden Playhouse Guide)

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