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The Twigwam

Size; 2'7'' x 2'7'' (80 x 80 cm)

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The Twigwam Wooden Playhouse

Style and Design
A uniquely styled wigwam style playhouse which doubles up as a super natural looking garden feature, this easily assembled item will both enhance the appearance of your outside space and provide hours of outdoor fun for younger children.  In addition, the eco friendly construction will provide great shade on a sunny day and and is sure to be a real talking point when friends come calling.
The Twigwam comprises four hand woven hazel branch panels held together with ties.  The hazel is coppiced i.e. It comes from new growth which ensures a reasonably even thickness as well as good flexibility. 
The playhouse measures 2'7'' (80 cm) square by 5'9'' (180 cm) high.
No finish or treatment is applied to the natural hazel construction of the Twigwam.
The Twigwam is delivered in four flat packed pre-formed panels ready for easy and fast home assembly.  Full instructions are provided.
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Our Verdict
We rather like this unusually styled playhouse.  Along with the Hazel Castle, the Hazel Tunnel and the Hazel Den it's one of a few natural hazel playhouses you can find on the market today.  At 80 cm square by 180 cm high it's larger than it perhaps looks in the illustrations and it will give a reasonable amount of outdoor accommodation for younger children.

The overall theme of the Twigwam is its natural look although this is slightly let down by the fact that it's held together by plastic ties.  If this is a problem for you,  the ties could easily be replaced by, say, natural garden twine which can then be renewed annually.  Hazel is a reasonably durable material which should last a fair number of years.  The panels don't receive any treatment or decoration before deliver and they're not really suitable for the application of paints or varnishes due to their construction and flexibility.  If you do wish to treat the wood to extend its life, we'd suggest you use a clear preservative which will be absorbed by the hazel rather than applying a finish to the surface.

Other than deciding whether to replace the plastic ties with a more natural binding, you won't have any problem putting your Twigwam together.  There are only four panels and each is completely pre-formed, so you should be able to have your playhouse up in minutes rather than hours.  A real boost when impatient youngsters are involved.  The style of the construction is such that the playhouse should be fairly portable allowing it to be moved around if necessary to avoid excessive wear and tear to a single area.

We don't see any safety issues arising.  There's no glass to break or doors and window frames to nip little fingers so you should be able to allow children to play in the Twigwam with an easy mind.

Overall, whether the Twigwam is the playhouse for you will depend very much on individual taste.  It's certainly not a wooden playhouse in the classical sense, but it is an attractive garden feature with the bonus that it will keep younger children happily entertained outdoors on a fine day.  It will provide shade from the summer sun and even a little shelter from a light shower too.  There are no issues with putting it together and it's aesthetically and ecologically pleasing.  Customer feedback is good and provided it's the type of thing you're looking for we don't think you'll go far wrong with the twigwam.  We'd perhaps quibble a little with the plastic ties given that the playhouse seeks to rely on its natural credentials but, as we've mentioned above, you can always dispose of these in an appropriate manner and replace them with something a little more eco friendly.  Taking this and the available customer feedback into account - and assuming it's the style you're looking for of course - we've awarded the Twigwam 4.5 wooden playhouse stars.  
   ease of assembly

   aesthetic appeal

   natural construction

   plastic ties undermine its eco credentials
Our Star Rating
(4.5 out of 5 stars
Review by the Wooden Playhouse Guide)

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