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Why Choose a Wooden Playhouse?

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The Wooden Playhouse

If you've arrived at the Wooden Playhouse Guide, the chances are that either you've already decided to buy a wooden playhouse or you're considering it as a serious option for your garden.  When it comes to materials your choice is pretty much between between wood and plastic.

It's true that plastic does have its advantages.  Plastic playhouses tend to be quick and easy to put together and can be brought out and dismantled when necessary.  They are also largely maintenance free although when the UV rays of the sun cause those bright colours to fade repainting isn't usually a realistic option and they're gone for good, leaving a tired looking old toy in the corner of your garden.  Plastic playhouses also tend to be limited by size so if you're looking for something bigger that will last a childhood you're likely to be disappointed.  The bright colours of a new plastic playhouse can also look rather garish in the garden - although that of course is a matter of taste!

Sizes, Styles and Prices

The wooden playhouse enjoys a great number of advantages over its plastic counterpart.  First comes the wide range of styles and sizes which are available.  As you browse the Wooden Playhouse Guide you will see that wooden playhouses are available in sizes and styles from the smallest 3'x3' Evermeadow House or the quirky Axi Alice to  veritable mansions such as the Shire Lodge or BillyOh Annexe - with all sizes and styles in between.

Frankly, when it comes to wooden playhouse sizes, styles and prices you are spoiled for choice.  The cheapest  playhouse featured in the Wooden Playhouse Guide  will set you back  under a hundred pounds while the most  expensive will cost well over a thousand.  There's a size to suit every requirement, a style to suit every taste and a price to suit every pocket - and that's just one of the strengths of the wooden playhouse.

A Touch of Class

One thing that a wooden playhouse can give you that plastic can't is that touch of class and sophistication that only a timber building can bring.  Whatever the style, if your playhouse is to be a fixture in your garden, only wood can add that real seal of quality - the true sense of a secret den, a club house, a gang hut, a child's hideaway.  A timber building is a haven, a child's own world throughout childhood- a plastic building is just a toy.

An Asset to the Garden

Another advantage the wooden playhouse enjoys is that it can be finished in whatever colour or manner you may choose to fit in with the layout and design of your garden, your personal preference or, perhaps more importantly, the preference of your child or children.

Typically a wooden playhouse will be dip treated before delivery.  This type of treatment is usually designed to protect the timber while the playhouse is in storage.  Once delivered the playhouse can be finished in any colour scheme or stain that takes your fancy.  And as children grow and tastes change there is always the opportunity to change the colour scheme or finish to suit.  If you need to know more just check out our feature on Decorating your Wooden Playhouse.

The Durable Wooden Playhouse

A properly maintained wooden playhouse is tough, robust, durable and able to withstand knocks, bashes and the general hurly burly of child's play.  With wood, any damage which might occur is usually readily repairable and unlikely to result in sharp edges and fragments.  EU regulations require that wooden playhouses consist of smooth, splinter free wood so there need be no concern on that score.

Maintained properly, you can expect a wooden playhouse  to last for a childhood or if you have chosen one of the smaller options, until the child outgrows it.

So in Conclusion

A wooden playhouse draws on the traditions of children's play - satisfying a child's need for a "parent free" zone, a place of his, her or their own.  Properly chosen and looked after, it will be an asset to the garden and a talking point among children.  Whatever your budget, taste or requirement it will be fulfilled by a wooden playhouse, chosen from the huge selection available online for home delivery in the UK today - truly there is no substitute.  So go ahead and browse the playhouses you find in the Wooden Playhouse Guide - we're sure you will find your ideal playhouse there at a price you can afford.

Happy hunting!
The Wooden Playhouse Guide
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