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Wooden Playhouse Delivery Charges and Policies

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If you've used any of the sellers listed below we'd be interested to hear about your experiences with deliveries and delivery charges.  Post a review on our Wooden Playhouse Review Form.

Take Care to Always Check Delivery Charges and Policies

When buying your wooden playhouse online it's important to look carefully at any delivery charges or surcharges which might apply.  The basic price may seem attractive and the sellers' headline may often state that delivery is free.  However, experience shows that even in this event, delivery is seldom free to all parts of the UK.  Delivery surcharges almost invariably apply to island areas (if you live on an island you'll be well used to this!) and often to many other areas, particularly in Scotland and Wales.
On some occasions delivery charges or surcharges will be relatively nominal but this isn't always the case.  Sometimes the charges can be so high in relation to the price of the playhouse that a far better deal can be found by buying from a retailer with a higher price but lower or no delivery costs.  Below we outline the delivery charges and policies of each of the retailers featured in the Wooden Playhouse Guide.  Often, though, different charges apply to different areas and sometimes the costs can only be obtained on entering your post code into a calculator on the seller's site.  In addition some sellers may on occasion vary or remove delivery charges as part of a promotion.  Because of this it can be difficult to summarise all the costs which apply to all areas.  To help you we provide links to the appropriate section of the seller's website so you can check any current delivery charges applicable to your area.  Happy playhouse hunting!

Amazon are a retailer in their own right but also facilitate the sale of wooden playhouses by affiliated sellers.  Delivery is often free but equally often charges apply which vary from nominal to substantial.  The only way to accurately confirm these is by visiting the Amazon page for the playhouse via the link on the Wooden Playhouse Guide's page for that playhouse.  You can however check Amazon's general delivery and charges policies here.

Argos operate a home delivery service at a cost which varies from free for many wooden playhouses to £14.95 for larger items requiring delivery by two people.  4 delivery slots a day may be available to many areas but these exclude Northern Ireland and the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.  The Argos page for the relevant playhouse will state the costs but you can find a summary of delivery charges and policies here.

B&Q's delivery service is free for sales over £50 and is often available on a next day basis.  There are however certain areas within the UK which they describe as 'remote' and to which they either do not deliver or to which delivery may take longer.  You can see a list of these 'remote' areas here

Delivery charges for BillyOh playhouses are free to the majority of England but vary quite widely elsewhere.  I several cases you may have to e-mail or telephone to confirm charges and there are some areas to which they don't deliver.  Although you can check their general list of charges here  it tends to be horses for courses with BillyOh and we'd suggest the best option is to test the delivery postcode calculator on their website.  You should find one on every wooden playhouse page.
Buy Sheds Direct

Buy Sheds Direct offer free delivery on orders over £100 to many areas but surcharges apply to some parts of the UK.  There's a postcode calculator on every playhouse page so your best bet is to head to the page for the playhouse you fancy and check delivery there.  Here's a link to their general delivery policy.

As a general rule Dunelm offer free delivery on playhouses over £299.  Less than that and there's a small charge.  The playhouses are delivered direct by the supplier and delivery times are between 7.00am and 8.00pm Monday to Saturday.  Dunelm deems some areas to be "remote" and while there are no additional charges, there are some areas to which standard and express delivery times don't apply.  In general you can expect to receive your playhouse in two to three weeks.  You can check out Dunelm's full delivery policy here.

Most Wooden Playhouse Guide users will be familiar with eBay and will appreciate that delivery charges vary from item to item.  In addition delivery may not be available on many larger items.  If a playhouse on eBay takes your fancy we're afraid you'll have to check the delivery details and costs on the items listing.
Garden Buildings Direct

Garden Buildings Direct is part of the same Kybotech group as BillyOh and RedShed and their delivery charges and policies are essentially the same i.e. Delivery is free to most of England but surcharges vary quite widely elsewhere.  You'll find a delivery calculator on each playhouse page and the best way of checking whether any surcharges apply is by entering you post code into it.  You may find that you have to e-mail or telephone to confirm delivery charges and arrangements.  On balance we prefer e-mailing their sales department.  E-mails are free and it means you have a written record of costs to refer to.
Gardens and Homes Direct

Gardens and Homes Direct offer a small range of wooden playhouses with a standard delivery charge of £4.99.  Surcharges apply to the Rest of the World, Scottish Highlands & Islands, Isle of Man, Northern Ireland, Ireland, BFPO and the Channel Islands and in addition a service charge is levied on sales to the Channel Islands equal to the UK vat rate.  The additional charges aren't specified on the site meaning you have to go through virtually the entire order process to find out what they are.  We find this unsatisfactory and would suggest that if you are interested in one of their playhouses you submit an online enquiry giving your post code to ascertain any additional costs.  You can see Gardens and Homes Direct's general delivery terms here.  We must say however that we don't usually find this seller's prices particularly competitive and it's unlikely that their delivery charges will be a concern.
Garden Chic

Garden Chic offer a free delivery service on items over £40 but surcharges do apply in some areas.  In addition, delivery isn't generally available to offshore regions.  You can have a look their delivery policy here but unfortunately the surcharges aren't detailed.  To find these you'll need to add the playhouse you're interested in to your basket and enter your post code in the delivery charge calculator at the checkout.  Usefully, any delivery charges are stated before you need to enter any further details or proceed with the checkout process.
Great Little Garden

You can see Great Little Garden's detailed delivery policy here.  Delivery of orders over £50 is free to many areas but surcharges, extended delivery times and Port Drop arrangements do apply to others.  These are summarised quite well on their delivery page but there's also a useful postcode checker on each product page which will work out delivery arrangements and any charges without headaches.

Greenfingers operate a free delivery policy on many items marked on their website and at the time of writing this applies to all their wooden playhouses.  Unfortunately however surcharges are applicable to certain UK postcodes which are listed on their site - you can find the postcodes and Greenfingers' other delivery policies here.  To find the level of surcharge though you'll need to add the playhouse to your basket and start the checkout process - the surcharges are calculated at that stage.  Greenfingers don't deliver some playhouses to some postcodes - generally any delivery restrictions are clearly stated in the item's description.

Although you can check Hamleys standard delivery charges and policies here, in the case of wooden playhouses the delivery arrangements tend to be specific to the playhouse ordered.  Helpfully Hamleys include a delivery section in the playhouse description which outlines delivery arrangements and any charges applicable to that playhouse.

As a general rule, large item delivery from Littlewoods is free with a £10 surcharge for express (next day) delivery.  Certain items are however delivered direct from Littlewoods suppliers and here special delivery arrangements may apply.  To find the delivery arrangement which applies to your order, Littlewoods rather unhelpfully require you to enter the checkout process which includes registration and creation of an account.  We think that Littlewoods are largely uncompetitive with their prices and that as an astute buyer you're unlikely to be concerned as to their delivery arrangements.  If however you do wish to buy a playhouse from them, and they do have the advantage of offering credit arrangments on their playhouses, we'd suggest the find the particular delivery arrangements for the playhouse you're interested in via the basket/checkout route.

Essentially an online retailer of clothing, Marisota carry a small line of wooden playhouses.  Their delivery policy is geared towards delivery of clothing and small packages.  Wooden playhouses are generally delivered direct from Marisota's supplier and details of the delivery arrangements are usually specified on the product page on the Marisota site.  In the event of any doubt or ambiguity we'd suggest contacting Marisota direct.  You can find out how to do this on their contact page - as usual, we'd suggest e-mailing so you have a clear record of the response. 

The good news is that Notcutts deliver all online orders over £75 free.  The bad news however is that many UK postcodes are excluded from their delivery area.  These include island areas and many UK mainland postcodes, all of which you can find here.
One Garden

One Garden generally have a free delivery policy which you can see here.  However, surcharges do apply to some areas and there are postcodes to which they do not deliver.  Helpfully, each playhouse page includes a postcode checker so you can see at a glance whether they will deliver to you area and if so, whether any additional charges apply.
Outdoor Toys World

Outdoor Toys World is part of the Worldstores group whose delivery policy you can find here.  Their standard terms are that delivery is free on all orders over £50 but there are a number of areas to which they don't deliver.  The postcodes of these areas are listed on their delivery page but in our view you should take these with something of a pinch of salt as in our experience they will in fact deliver to at least some of these areas.  Often items are delivered direct by third party suppliers so that delivery will depend on their policies rather than Worldstores so even if you live in one of the excluded areas,  if you find your playhouse at the best price from Worldstores or any of their associated sites; Outdoor Toys World or Sheds World it's worth going through the basket/checkout process to check if delivery is available and whether any surcharges apply.  This will be confirmed before any payment has to be made.

As part of the Kybotech online operation along with BillyOh and Garden Buildings Direct, RedShed's delivery policy is effectively the same as these.  This means that delivery to most parts of England is free but that surcharges apply elsewhere.  The RedShed brand is disappearing from the internet and queries to that site are now generally redirected to BillyOh.  You can find their general delivery policy here but your best bet is to check the postcode delivery calculator which you should find on each of their wooden playhouse pages.

Shedstore's delivery policy aims to deliver their competitively priced wooden playhouse range to as many UK addresses as possible free of charge.  However, many of the playhouses are delivered direct by Shedstore's suppliers who may use carriers with surcharges and delivery restrictions for certain areas.  In these circumstances, the most accurate way to confirm delivery arrangements from Shedstore is to use the postcode calculator which you should find on every wooden playhouse page.  This will tell you instantly whether Shedstore deliver to your area and will helpfully confirm the amount of any surcharge without requiring you to contact the seller.

ShedsWorld, like Outdoor Toys World is part of the Worldstores Group and again, the Worldstores delivery policy will apply.  As we've mentioned above this means that delivery should be free on orders over £50 but that there are a number of areas to which ShedsWorld won't deliver.  All this is explained in their delivery policy.  As we point out above, however, we've found that many of ShedsWorld's suppliers will deliver to at least some of the post code areas excluded in the delivery policy so if in doubt your best bet is to go down the route of adding the playhouse to your basket and initiating the checkout process.  This should advise you of delivery arrangements and whether any surcharges apply before you're required to make any payment.

Sheds.co.uk's stated aim is to deliver its playhouses as quickly as possible.  Delivery is free to many UK areas but there are surcharges to a number of postcodes and in the case of islands they offer a port drop where the playhouse is delivered either to the port on the island or the port on the mainland and it is the purchaser's responsibility to arrange delivery thereafter.  Everything, including the surcharges, is helpfully and clearly stated in the company's delivery policy which you can see here.
Taylors Garden Buildings

Taylors carry a good range of wooden playhouses most of which are delivered free to most of the UK.  You can read their general delivery policy here.  Some playhouses are however delivered direct by Taylor's suppliers and inevitable these may give rise to surcharges in remote areas.  As their delivery policy explains, the possibility of additional charges or restricted delivery should be clearly stated on each product page.  Unlike many other sellers though, Taylors don't add the additional charges at the checkout stage and rely on you contacting them to enquire.  If you live in one of the areas they suggest might be affected by surcharge or restricted delivery we'd suggest e-mailing them via their contact page before placing your order.
Thompson and Morgan

Thompson and Morgan will deliver your playhouse for free but only if you live in certain areas.  Unfortunately they won't deliver to the following postcodes; BT, GY, HS, IM, JE, ZE, TR21, TR22, TR23, TR24, TR25, KW, IV, PA20-38, PA41-49, PA60-78, AB31-38, AB40-56, PH4-44, PH49-50, PO30-PO41.
Toys r Us

Although they are a huge international retailer, Toys r Us will, disappointingly, only deliver to the UK mainland and Republic of Ireland.  Standard delivery is free on orders over £29.99 - you can see all the details here.
TP Toys

TP Toys operate a free next day after 1pm delivery service for orders over £50.  Delivery before 1pm is available at an additional charge.  There's an extra charge of £29.99 for Saturday delivery and delivery to Northern Ireland carries a surcharge of £55.  The Scottish Highlands and Republic of Ireland are excluded from this policy.  If you live in these areas we suggest you e-mail TP Toys  via  their contact page to confirm delivery charges.  You can see a summary of the company's detailed delivery charges and policies here.
UK Deckit!

UK Deckit are Yorkshire based and deliver orders over £150 free to mainland England. Unfortunately surcharges do apply to all deliveries to other parts of mainland UK; £90 to Scotland and £60 to Wales.  There's a £40 charge for delivering orders under £150 to mainland England.  Their delivery policy is quite straightforward - you can check it out here.

Waltons offer free UK mainland delivery but as always this is qualified by the imposition of surcharges in some areas.  Surcharged areas are some parts of Scotland and Wales and some postcodes in Southern England.  Other than that mainland delivery should be free.  You can easily work out delivery and surcharge details by entering your postcode into the 'Choose a Delivery Day' box on the playhouse page.  This will immediately confirm if delivery is available and any surcharge applicable.  Waltons don't deliver to island areas although they do offer a Port Drop Off service.  You can see full details of their delivery policies here.

Worldstores, like the other members of the group, Shedsworld and Outdoor Toys World deliver free on orders over £50 but impose surcharges and exclusions on a number of areas.  There's a number of postcode areas listed on their delivery page as excluded from delivery but we've found that in practice at least some of their suppliers will deliver to at least some of these areas.  Delivery arrangements and surcharges are confirmed during the checkout process so the best way of confirming the position if you live in an area in which you tend to be subjected to surcharges or restrictions is to enter the relevant playhouse into your basket and start the checkout process.  You shouldn't be charged until any surcharges are confirmed.
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