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Who sells Wooden Playhouses online in the UK

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If you've used any of these sellers we'd be interested to hear about your experiences.  Please post a review on our wooden playhouse review form.

Adventure Toys is an online toy store which carries mainly the Axi range of wooden playhouses.  These tend to be more expensive, quirky models which won't be what everyone's looking for but they do tend to be quite competitive when it comes to Axi.  You'll find them in our price charts but if you want to check out their entire range in one go, you can do so here

Amazon will need no introduction. Part of a worldwide online retailing network, their selection of wooden playhouses are often offered via third party retailers.  Delivery is frequently free although charges are sometimes levied which can occasionally be quite steep.  You can usually access reviews of both the product and the retailer via the Amazon website.

Amazon offer a wide range of wooden playhouses in this way - you can find them here.  But do check our price comparisons for the playhouse you're looking for as they often aren't the cheapest buy and prices sometimes vary from day to day.

Now well established as an online retailer, Argos offer a good range of wooden playhouses for the garden. The site features informative customer reviews of the playhouses on offer and the service received and it's definitely worth a look if you're in the market for a wooden playhouse although bear in mind that prices aren't always competitive. You can find Argos's wooden playhouse range here.

A large national DIY chain which will need no introduction, B&Q also operate an extensive online business featuring a good variety of wooden playhouses. A number of online reviews suggest delivery difficulties with some B&Q items, especially DIY kitchens but there's no real reason to believe B&Q will fail to deliver when it comes to your wooden playhouse. Prices aren't always competitive but you do have the reassurance of knowing you're dealing with a national organisation who probably have a store near you. Delivery to some remoter areas is restricted.

You can see B&Q's wooden playhouses here.

Big Game Hunters is a trading name of Garden Games Limited which began in Oxfordshire in 2006 as a manufacturer of giant sized garden games.  Since then the company have expanded their business and now carry a range of children's playhouses suitable for the garden in addition to a number of larger and more expensive heavy duty models.  Delivery is free to many areas on orders over £150 but surcharges apply to others.  Leaving delivery aside, we've found Big Game Hunters to be good value for money with the range they offer - although we would say that with one or two exceptions they tend to feature rather quirky and offbeat models which may not be to everyone's taste.  You can see for yourself here.  

Now the principal online outlet for BillyOh wooden playhouses the BillyOh site is part of the Kybotech group, the Nottinghamshire based concern who also operate the Garden Buildings Direct site (see below).  The range available is generally the same across all  Kybotech's websites but prices can vary slightly.  Watch out incidentally for delivery surcharges.  Although delivery is free in many areas delivery top up charges can be prohibitively high in others.  Having said that, though, BillyOh playhouses are generally attractive with plenty to offer and usually make good value buys.

Along with Shedstore, Buy Fencing Direct and Buy Log Cabins Direct, Buy Sheds Direct is a trading division of Worcester based Taylored Investments Ltd, an established online retailer with a wide and extensive customer base ranging from individual private customers to corporations and local authorities.  Buy Sheds Direct carries a wide range of wooden playhouses along the same lines as its partner business, Shedstore.  Prices aren't always identical though so its worth having a look at both or even all the sites.

They sometimes have an annoying habit of switching prices between sites every week or two so you can never be sure which will turn out to be the cheapest without checking all of them.  We'd have to say though that in general we don't really find their prices partincularly competitive so it's unlikely the price swapping antics will have too much influence on where you ultimately buy.

You can find Buy Sheds Direct's wooden playhouse range here.

You'd usually associate Dunelm with bedding and curtains and the like - but they do carry a small range of wooden playhouses which has expanded slightly since they absorbed the Worldstores brand in 2018.  Prices are occasionally competitive - you can see where they stand on our children's playhouse price guides.  They offer free or low delivery rates depending on the cost of your order but there are some delivery restrictions applicable to areas Dunelm consider "remote".  If you want to check them out you can see their wooden playhouse range here.

They say you can buy anything on eBay and wooden playhouses are no exception. Quality and service reliability of course depends largely on the supplier and whether you are buying new or used but eBay's feedback system gives some idea of what to expect.

We wouldn't necessarily recommend the purchase of a used wooden playhouse, but if you do decide to go down that route take care before buying to check for damage, faults such as wet rot or similar deterioration due to age and add ons or adaptations which might give rise to safety concerns. You'll be able to find plenty of wooden playhouses - and although the majority are new you might just be able to pick up a great used model still in good condition.  Note though that used playhouses are generally listed as collection only.

eBay's prices do tend to vary but you can often find a bargain buy.  You can browse the current selection here.

Set up in 2004, Elbec Garden Buildings is a trading name of Elbec Limited, a Nottingham based business which retails wooden playhouses online for delivery throughout the UK.  Elbec's competitivity is mixed.  From time to time they do feature the lowest prices on some models but a other times they can be found well off the top of our price charts.  Watch delivery charges - although Elbec nominally offer free delivery, surcharges apply to some areas they deem 'remote' and these can add substantially to the price.  If you're considering a purchase from Elbec be sure to check the delivery details and charges on the product page - you could be in for an unpleasant surprise.

You can check out Elbec's current children's playhouse prices here.

Garden Buildings Direct is an online retailer operated by UK based Kybotech Limited. The site offers a good selection of wooden playhouses along with online ordering and an order tracking service. Kybotech are a Nottinghamshire based business who also operate the  BillyOh outlet. The two sites essentially offer the same range of 'BillyOh' wooden playhouses usually (but not always) at the same prices.  The BillyOh range is more or less exclusive to these sites and we tend to find the playhouses attractive and good value.  You may also find BillyOh models on Amazon and eBay but the prices there tend to be higher.

You can find Garden Buildings Direct's playhouses and prices here.

Garden and home website offering a small and not particularly competitive selection of wooden playhouses.  Their prices can sometimes seem eye-wateringly high compared to other sellers.  You'll pick them up easily enough on our price guides - though they're unlikely to influence your purchasing decision.  Or if you wish you can see their range here.  The website is part of UK based Tradewinds Europe Limited's online sales operation.

Garden Chic is an online seller operated by Gudrum Classics Limited - a leading online supplier of garden equipment and buildings since 2002. Through Garden Chic they offer a wide variety of wooden playhouses for home delivery. Their prices are generally competitive and there's a wide selection to choose from.  Definitely worth a look.

You can see Garden Chic's range of wooden playhouses here.

A leading garden retailer based in Livingston, Greenfingers carries a huge range of gardening accessories and plants together with equipment, furnishing and buildings.  This includes a good selection of playhouses at prices which can vary but which are often competitive and usually always worth checking out.  You can see what they currently have on offer here.

I Like Sheds is a division of Bedford based concern I Like Stores Ltd which offers delivery over a wide area - free to UK mainland addresses on orders over £50.  The business now offers an extensive choice of wooden playhouses but unfortunately we've found their prices to be so high as to be almost prohibitive.  This is rather disappointing given the range on offer but, as ever, we constantly monitor the situation and if things should change you'll be able to pick up the new prices in our unique price guides.  If you do want to have a look at what I Like Sheds has you offer you can see their range here.

The Internet Gardener has gone into liquidation with effect from November 2019.  It's unlikely you'll be waiting on delivery of a playhouse from them as their prices have not by and large been competitive for some time.  If you have any concerns however you can find out more here.

Large UK based catalogue and online mail order firm.  Littlewoods carry a small range of wooden playhouses at prices which we find remarkably non-competitive.  They're exposed in our unique price comparisons or, if you wish,  you can see them here.  We'd suggest, though, that you have a look around some of our other sellers instead - sorry Littlewoods!

A trading name of JD Williams and Company Ltd, originally founded in 1875 and pioneers of the UK mail order business, Marisota's speciality is actually plus size womens' clothing.  They do however carry a small range of playhouses, some of which can be surprisingly competitively priced for what is really a sideline to the company's main business.  Check them out here.

A long established garden centre chain who now operate a mail order/online business, Notcutts carry a small range of wooden playhouses to complement their other garden products.  Although prices aren't particulary competitive, Norcutts do operate the Privilege Club which you can join at a cost of £10 and which entitles members to 10% off their wooden playhouses (and other products).  Bear this in mind when considering prices.  You can view the Notcutts range here.

A competitive online retailer offering a large range of wooden playhouses, Shedstore is a garden building business originally established under the name of Guardian Buildings in 1997 but is now part of Worcester based Taylored  Investments Ltd along with Buy Sheds Direct, Buy Fencing Direct and Buy Log Cabins Direct.  All the sites carry a similar range of wooden playhouses with prices that are sometimes, but not always, the same.
We've found that on occasion they indulge in a rather irritating practice of swapping prices between sites meaning you have to check each one to see which is the best deal.  We've found that following a series of price increases over the years Shedstore and its sister sites have become less competitive so the price switching is unlikely to affect the lowest price you'll find.  You can check the shedstore range here.

Despite its name, Sheds.co.uk does offer a good range of reasonably priced wooden playhouses. The site is operated by UK registered Sixty Stores Ltd based in Stratford upon Avon and delivers throughout the UK. Customer feedback suggests service is good and you have the option of paying by credit card or PayPal.  Every now and then they have the cheapest price available for a particular model and we take care to feature this in our price guides where we can.

Have a look at the wooden playhouses on offer from Sheds.co.uk here.

A well established business selling sheds and garden buildings since 1953, Taylors Garden Buildings are an independent retailer which has readily embraced the market for home delivered online wooden playhouses. A good selection are available and Taylors, in addition, can offer pre-formed wooden and plastic bases and other attractive options. An installation service is also often available although there is, inevitably, an additional charge for this.
For years, Taylors offered reliably stable prices and a wide range of playhouses - so much so that while their prices started out as uncompetitive, price increases among their rivals meant that Taylors' gradually became more attractive to the wooden playhouse buyer.  All that changed in 2019 however when they reviewed their range - and their prices - with the result that, once again, they seldom offer an attractive option if you're looking for a good deal on a wooden playhouse.  

Have a look here to see what Taylors Garden Buildings have to offer.

Large mail order plant and seed company who started out in Ipswich in 1855, Thompson and Morgan now carry a small but select range of reasonably priced wooden playhouses which you can see here.  Generally delivery is free on orders over £60 but not all UK postcodes are served - check the site for more details.

A well established manufacturer of outdoor toys, TP Toys have been designing and manufacturing high quality activity toys for over 50 years.  TP toys are stocked by a number of toyshops but you can buy their wooden playhouses direct from the manufacturer and cut out the middle man.  Strangely, TP don't always have the best prices for their own products but we keep you right with our unique price comparison charts.  They have a great range of reasonably priced economy playhouses for the younger child which you can view here.

Waltons Garden Buildings Limited is a firmly established UK garden buildings supplier who can call on a Nottingham based history going as far back as 1878. They offer a good selection of wooden playhouses, usually at competitive prices and can deliver throughout the UK.

Waltons is a specialist manufacturer of garden buildings with an internet retail business and as such they are ususally in a position to meet all your requirements in one order. They're a great example of how maintaining a stable pricing policy can help your market position in the face of price increases by your competitors.

You can view Waltons' range of wooden playhouses here.

Established in 1992, Wicken Toys Limited are a national supplier of playground equipment based in Milton Keynes.  In addition to a range of larger heavier duty castle/fort style buildings they carry a selection of smaller domestic playhouses from TP and Plum at prices which can be surprisingly competitive.  Unlike some sellers they have a policy of maintaining their best price all year round and eschew offers and sales gimmicks. Delivery is free to most areas on orders over £120 - but not the Scottish Highlands.  They don't deliver to Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man or the Scottish Islands.  Wicken's range is smaller than many other sellers but their prices are usually worth a look.    You can check them out here.

And Finally...
We hope the information on wooden playhouse sellers has been of interest to you.  Our aim is to scour the market to find quality childrens wooden playhouses at cheap prices and this is reflected on the pages of our website and in our unique price charts. Why not now have a browse through the huge range of models featured in the Wooden Playhouse Guide? Remember, you will find links to pages dedicated to each playhouse with information, reviews and details of the current prices charged by the leading national online suppliers - all to help you find your ideal wooden playhouse.
Best wishes
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